A Pneu and Improved Pellet Delivery Truck

By Anna Simet | December 04, 2012

One huge perk that some pellet manufacturers offer is delivery service, and if you’re lucky enough to be a candidate for delivery and live in Maine this winter, you might be able to get a first-hand peak at Maine Energy Systems’ new and innovative delivery truck.

The company recently added a fully-pneumatic (operated by air) wood pellet delivery truck to its fleet, after using a prototype for about a year. The newest, upgraded truck is faster and larger, and capable of delivering one ton of pellets into the storage tank of a residence or business in less than four minutes (without damaging fuel quality).

Now that’s impressive.

Built by Trans-Tech Industries Inc., the truck features a 15-ton capacity aluminum tank, 54,000-pound GVWR truck chassis, and feed hoppers that use Tropper aeration beds. 

I will add that these trucks are the only two of their kind in the U.S.

On the exterior, the wood pellet industry seems fairly simple and straight forward, but this is just another example of how it is constantly evolving and advancing.