UK plans cap on dedicated biomass power

By Staff | January 30, 2013

The U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change has introduced a 400 MW non-legislative cap on the total new-build, dedicated-biomass-generating capacity that can expect to be supported at 1.5 renewable obligation certificates per MW hour. The cap will not be set in regulation, but once the cap is triggered, the government will consider issuing a consultation paper on proposals to restrict further biomass deployment through the removal of grandfathering rights from additional dedicated biomass power facilities. According to a renewable obligation banding review published in December, plants that deploy within the 400 MW trigger threshold will not be affected.

The cap will be underpinned by a notification register for new dedicated biomass power plants, which will be set up and managed by Ofgem. Combined-heat-and power (CHP) plants will be permanently excluded from the cap and notification process when they are first certified under the CHP Quality Assurance program.