Mass. Residents, Businesses to Save Big on Pellet Boilers

By Anna Simet | March 05, 2013

This week, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center announced that it was launching a $475,000 incentive program that will help residents install high-efficiency wood pellet boilers in their homes or small businesses.

I was really surprised at how generous a rebate one may be able to receive through this new program—it’s possible to get back up to $15,000, though rebates will begin at $7,000 and the average is anticipated to be between $10,000 and $12,000. According to the MassCeC, new wood pellet boilers typically cost around $20,000, fully installed.

Some qualification details of the grants, which will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis:

-The installed boiler or furnace must be used in a year-round residence or small business where the building occupant pays into the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust.

-All applicants will need to provide MassCEC with a copy of an electric bill for the project site at the time of application so that MassCEC can verify eligibility.

 -Property owners may submit an application for a property that they own, even if it is not their primary residence or place of business, however the project site must be occupied year round.

 -Grants can be combined with any other local, state or federal incentive, and applicants are encouraged to do this where possible.

Funding for this program comes from Massachusetts’ 2010 and 2011 alternative compliance spending plan.  Alternative Compliance Payments are paid by electric retail suppliers if they have insufficient Renewable Energy Certificates to meet their compliance obligations under the state’s renewable portfolio standard program, and they are typically set at a higher price than the market value for RECs. The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources establishes the plan for use of these funds to support clean energy development in the Commonwealth

It’s hard to argue participating in the program, as wood pellets generate the same Btus for about half the price of heating oil. If you can front that initial costs, the savings in the long run will be significant and worth it.

Massachusetts residents may print an application, and access more information on the program, by visiting .