European report addresses biomass, pellet markets

By Staff | April 04, 2013

Near the close of 2012, EurObserb’ER Barometer released its Solid Biomass Barometer report, outlining demand for woody biomass, waste wood, pellets and other plant- and animal-based biofuels.

According to the report, biomass use in district heating within Sweden has increased fivefold since 1990, with soaring pellet consumption making the country the leading consumer of the fuel. While recent warm winters have reduced woody biomass demand for heating applications in Germany, the report notes that wood pellet demand in the country has remained relatively unscathed. Consumption of wood pellets within Germany increased 17 percent from 2010 to 2011.

While many small-scale projects utilize pellets, the Barometer lists only two biomass energy projects of 100 MW capacity or higher that take in the fuel.