NREL updates CREST model for AD systems

By Staff | May 06, 2013

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has released an updated version of its Cost of Renewable Energy Spreadsheet Tool for anaerobic digestion (AD) projects. The CREST model is an economic cash flow model that is designed to help stakeholders assess market economics, design cost-based incentives, such as fee-in tariffs, and evaluate the impact of government support structures.

The tool allows users to estimate the year-one cost of energy for a particular project, as well as the levelized cost of energy. In addition to allowing users to experiment with setting cost-based incentives, the spreadsheet allows project stakeholders to investigate the impacts that different economic drivers have on the cost of energy. The model also helps users understand how different project characteristics, such as project size, feedsock quality, location, or ownership, impact project economics.


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  1. Johny



    Well done, but how we can get access to the spreadsheet?

  2. Lydia Kuyawa




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