Grandeg to incorporate ClearSign technology into pellet boilers

By Staff | May 21, 2013

ClearSign Combustion Corp. and Grandeg have announced their intention to enter into a development agreement to integrate ClearSign’s proprietary electrodynamic combustion control (ECC) technology into Grandeg’s commercial line of pellet boilers.

Grandeg intends to provide up to $500,000 to support a phased initial project expected to begin in the second quarter of this year. The goal is to release a commercial solution employing ClearSign’s ECC technology in 2014.

ECC technology computer-controlled, high-voltage, low-power electric fields to manipulate the movement of electrically charged ions that result from combustion. As a result, the technology can be manipulated to control flame shape and the transfer of heat. The technology consists of four basic components, including a controller, software, a power amplifier and electrodes. The technology has been shown to reduce particulate matter, carbon monoxide and total hydrocarbons.