Minn. to study biomass heat for poultry barns

By Staff | May 21, 2013

The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute is funding a study that will explore the benefits of using biomass-derived heat in Minnesota poultry barns.

Jim Eiynck, owner of study participant Eventemp Biomass’ national sales office in Becker, Minn., said the study will observe two barns: one utilizing liquid petroleum (LP) and the other woodchip biomass. The project will quantify the amount of LP and electricity utilized in a control barn and compare that performance with that of the barn heated by biomass. Additionally, the poultry will be assessed in each barn for chemical burns derived from ammonia exposure from the litter.

Initial observations have been made in other poultry barns using thermal biomass. Eiynck said the potential benefits of forced-air biomass applications originate from the dry heat the system produces. He cited some poultry producers have noticed drier wall insulation, elimination of open-flame heaters utilized in chick facilities, drier litter and lower fan use when utilizing forced-air biomass heaters in their barns.