USDA, dairy industry renew waste-to-energy agreement

By Staff | May 21, 2013

Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack has renewed an agreement with U.S. dairy producers to accelerate the adoption of waste-to-energy projects and energy efficiency improvements on U.S. dairy farms. The original memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed in Denmark in 2009.

Since signing the MOU, the USDA has made nearly 180 awards to help finance the development, construction and biogas production of anaerobic digester programs with Rural Development programs, such as Rural Energy for America Program, Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels, Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program, Value Added Producer Grants, and others.

"Through this renewed commitment, USDA and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy will continue research that helps dairy farmers improve the sustainability of their operations," Vilsack said. "This vital research also will support the dairy industry as it works to reach its long-term goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020."


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    Good morning Please explain why insted of landfills cant we produce WTE from domiciliary garbage, where the main advanges are we have assured supply of fuel.,we recieve it free of cost at the plant, we can sort out the metals, the paper products, and plastic that we can sell improving our profit and last but not least is the burning of the organic matter that gives us electric power and steam. There is such an installation nearby Stockholm that has been in operation for many years Pablo Korach Engineered wood products M.Sc. Chemical Engineering


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