IEA publishes update of advanced, cellulosic biofuel projects

By Staff | May 21, 2013

The International Energy Agency Bioenergy Task 39 group has published a report outlining progress on more than 100 advanced biofuel projects under development worldwide. The report, titled “Status of Advanced Biofuels Demonstration Facilities in 2012,” is the second edition of the analysis. The first was published in 2010.

Since the first report was published, the production capacity for lignocellulosic biofuels has tripled, with current annual capacity reaching approximately 140,000 metric tons of fuel. The production capacity for hydrotreating technology has grown at an even faster rate, reaching 2.19 million metric tons per year.
The analysis included data gathered from 71 actively pursued advanced biofuel products. Additional projects were identified, but are either not being actively pursued or did not provide sufficient data. As of the close of 2012, 48 of the 71 projects were operational, 9 were under construction and 14 were planned.