Morbark introduces redesigned biomass microchipper

By Mobark Inc. | June 05, 2013

Morbark Inc. has announced its redesigned 40/36 Whole Tree MicroChipper. This is the latest in design enhancements to make the machine perfect for micro-chip producers.

The 40/36 Whole Tree Drum Chipper was first introduced in 2008 as a compact, affordable and productive biomass chipper. The model was improved by the addition of the Advantage 3 high performance chipping drum in 2011, which significantly improved chip quality. The latest model includes an enhanced drum set with 16 knives utilizing standard hardware, an operator-friendly slide-in forestry grate system to reduce oversized chips and a mechanically driven chip accelerator to fully load vans with the micro-chips.

“With new biomass plants being built in the United States and the rapid expansion of wood pellet exports to Europe to meet the European Union’s mandate that 20 percent of its energy come from renewable sources by 2020, our customers need a cost-effective system for making microchips,” said John Foote, Morbark vice president of sales and marketing. “This newly re-engineered 40/36 MicroChipper is the solution. We are able to produce a far superior product, producing 95-98 percent acceptable micro-chips at volumes of more than 70 tons per hour.”

With an average fuel consumption of 2.25 tons of micro-chips produced per gallon of fuel used, the Morbark 40/36 MicroChipper allows owners to reduce costs and maximize profits. In customer tests, 95-98 percent of the micro-chips produced passed through a half inch grate, and 72-74 percent passed through a fourth inch grate. These micro-chips are vital for pellet mills, eliminating the need to regrind the wood fiber prior to pelletizing.