EIA publishes consumption, price estimates for biomass

By Staff | July 01, 2013

The U.S. Energy Information Administration published a set of annual statistics in May that include state-level estimates of consumption, prices and expenditures for woody and waste biomass. The most recent release includes data for 2011.

The electric power sector consumed a total of 436.7 trillion Btu of wood and waste biomass in 2011. California led consumption on a state level, with 69 trillion Btu. Florida’s electric power producers consumed 50.3 trillion Btu, with electricity producers in Pennsylvania consuming 28.7 trillion Btu. On a combined basis, the U.S. electric power industry consumed 436.7 trillion Btu of wood and waste biomass in 2011. 

The average price of woody and waste biomass for the U.S. industrial sector was f$2.64 per million Btu. However, the EIA reported prices as high as $3.68 per million Btu in New Hampshire, and as low as 40 cents per million Btu in Kentucky.