AD project planned near rendering plant

By Staff | July 01, 2013

Canadian rendering company Sanimax and Wisconsin-based engineering and construction firm Green Energy Partners are partnering to develop a $30 million anaerobic digester in South St. Paul, Minn. The proposed SaniGreen Bioenergy facility will produce pipeline-quality biogas. A portion of the biogas produced will also power the facility via a 1.1 MW generator.

Once complete, the new facility will take in 150,000 tons of solid and liquid organic waste annually. Feedstock will be sourced from local schools, grocery stores, municipalities and food processing facilities.

Construction is expected to begin this fall, with completion scheduled for March 2015. The facility will be located near an existing Sanimax rendering facility and an Excel Energy electrical and natural gas distribution center.

According to Dan Ostrenga, director of organic solutions at Sanimax, co-locating the new anaerobic digestion facility with its current rendering facility will create a “green campus” atmosphere and offer a sustainable solution to local industries interested in diverting waste from landfills.