Fuels America launches new ad campaign

By Fuels America | July 22, 2013

Fuels America coalition members have announced the launch of a new ad campaign.

The ads highlight the fact that there is a choice when it comes to our energy future. We do not have to be beholden to oil’s monopoly over our gasoline supply and the negative impacts that entails.

Diversifying our fuel sources to include more renewable fuel will help increase America’s economic and national security and ensure a healthier future the environment.

The renewable fuel standard (RFS)is the most important policy for ensuring that we have oil alternatives, and Fuels America is committed to protecting the RFS. That means no repeal of or changes to a policy that is working well.

The campaign is launching at a time when it is important for Congress to remember the choice at hand: a vote to repeal or change the RFS is a vote to keep the oil monopoly in place. It’s a vote against our environment, a vote against consumers and a vote that ultimately makes our country less secure.

The ads launch this week and will run on television, in print, online and in placements in the Washington, D.C., metro system. The second television ad is available here.