Heat Smart Plus announces biomass boiler gains EPA approval

By Heat Smart Plus Inc. | July 25, 2013

Heat Smart Plus Inc., the factory representatives for Manitoba-based Piney Manufacturing, has announced that the company's new biomass heating system has gained U.S. EPA qualification for North American distribution. The news comes after two years of development and testing and opens up the U.S. market.

A spokesman with the company said today's announcement is great news for the manufacturer, its dealer network and those looking for a greener alternative to oil and gas heating – especially in times of record high petroleum prices.

“This is big... really big,” said Heat Smart CEO Brian Martin. “We are very proud of this achievement and can now move forward in promoting biomass heating to the whole of North America.”

The EnviroChip 500 biomass heating system uses wood chips to provide virtually smokeless space heating. A large fuel storage bin is coupled with a high-efficiency boiler to consistently generate 280,000 BTUs per hour. A water and glycol mix is pumped from the boiler into a building by means of insulated underground pipe. The resulting heat energy is then dissipated by a heat exchanger or in-floor hydronic heat loops. One unit has the capability of heating thousands of square feet of living space.

The Portage and Main EnvioChip 500 is the first Canadian biomass product to be EPA qualified. This milestone marks the beginning of big things for the company, says Martin, as the heating industry as a whole struggles to comply with environmental regulations.

“Our system is truly amazing. Wood chips are an affordable, readily accessible fuel source and the EnviroChip 500 used them in a clean and efficient manner,” says Martin. “We are now able to compete with fossil fuels and move toward national energy security.”