ABO launches "Summer of Algae" awareness campaign

By Algae Biomass Organization | August 05, 2013

The Algae Biomass Organization, the trade association for the algae industry, has announced the kick off of its second annual “Summer of Algae,” a national campaign sponsored by ABO and implemented by member companies, to raise awareness about the promise of commercial algae production to create jobs, domestic fuels, feed and food products, as well as plastics and biochemicals. The series of open-house style events and news announcements will give local and national officials an opportunity to experience the research, products and jobs being created by leading algae companies and research institutions. The campaign officially begins at a special event today at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences’ National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota in East Boothbay, Maine.

Additional events will take place throughout August and September culminating in the 7thAnnual Algae Biomass Summit being held Sept. 30 through Oct. 3 in Orlando, Fla.

The events feature a wide range of technologies and end products, and stretch from coast-to-coast, including: Algenol (Florida); Algix (Alabama); Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences (Maine); Duke Energy (Kentucky); Matrix Genetics (Washington); Montana State University (Montana); Sapphire Energy (New Mexico and California); and the University of Arizona (Arizona).

“As members of Congress return to their districts, it’s a great time for ABO’s members to showcase their technologies and products, and how they are creating jobs, economic development and domestic supplies of sustainable fuel, food and feed from algae,” said Mary Rosenthal, executive director of ABO. “As concerns mount about water supplies, drought and high gas prices, the algae industry continues to deliver on its promise of a sustainable solution to fuel and chemicals, human health and animal nutrition.

The “Summer of Algae” campaign events range in size from small briefings with local officials to larger tours of laboratories and commercial facilities to announcements about new and exciting technologies. The events will focus on the local impact the industry has on jobs and the prospects for commercial-scale production of algae-derived products that include ‘drop-in’ fuels, feed, nutritional supplements, specialty chemicals, plastics, and more.

The “Summer of Algae” culminates in the 7th annual Algae Biomass Summit, being held this year in Orlando, Fla., Sept. 30 through Oct. 3. More than 800 algae producers, researchers, investors and suppliers are expected to convene for the world’s largest algae conference. Information about the Summit’s agenda and early-bird registration rates can be found here




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  1. A concerned taxpayer



    THERE ARE NO COMMERCIAL FACILITIES(only research facilities). Research facilities have not going to get the US off of foreign oil. The Congressional Mandate says that the government (DOE) can only fund algae research NOT commercial production. Unless the Congressional Mandate is changed, we will be buying algae oil from the Chinese and Saudi's. Finally the algae resrch grants were cut by 51%. According to the DOE less than 20% of algae grnts to universities ever get completed. After 60 years of algae research the DOE claims they have rooms and rooms of algae technologies sitting on shelves and claim they don't understand all the algae technologies. Existing algae recipients of grants claimed publicly over 3 years ago that "all algae research technology hurdles have been met. It's all engineering and scale-up." What did the DOE do to honor them? They gave the university more funding for algae research! The "Summer of Algae Scam" looks like the algae research debacle for 60 years his coming to an end. According to 14 Congressmen that went to the DOE and asking for results we told "there are NO results.


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