UK sets solid biomass sustainability standards

By Staff | September 23, 2013

The U.K. Department of Energy & Climate Change has announced that starting in 2015, the biomass industry must show its fuel is sustainable to receive financial support under the Renewables Obligation. According to the DECC, all electricity generators of 1 megawatt (MW) capacity or higher that use solid biomass or biogas feedstock will be required to demonstrate they are meeting prescribed sustainability criteria to claim support under the RO.

The DECC estimates the 1 MW threshold will cover approximately 98 percent of all biomass power generation in the U.K. Power producers covered by the sustainability standards will also be required to provide an independent sustainability audit with their annual sustainability report.

In order to provide certainty to investors and developers, the DECC has indicated that there will be no additional unilateral change to sustainability criteria before April 2027.