Irish plant to produce 50/50 renewable content briquette

By Staff | September 23, 2013

U.K.-based CPL Industries has announced plans to build a new Ecoal50 production facility at the Port of Foynes near Limerick, Ireland. Ecoal50 is a blended home heating fuel that contains 33 percent biomass, 17 percent molasses and 50 percent fossil fuels. According to the company, it has been selling the briquette fuel in Ireland for more than a year.

The proposed facility will have an initial production facility of 200,000 metric tons, but will be designed to enable an expansion to 300,000 metric tons. When fully operational, the plant will take in approximately 80,000 tons of biomass per year. The plant is currently expected to begin operations in 2015.

The company’s board has elected to make the €20 million ($26.54 million) investment in the facility due to a recent announcement by Ireland’s Environment Minister Phil Hogan that the sale of smoky coal would be banned in the future. CPL has specified that investment in the new plant is subject to planning, suitable implementation of the proposed ban, and appropriate government support for biofuels.