MSW pelleting project planned in Maryland

By Staff | October 07, 2013

Washington County, Md., recently announced it is forming a public-private partnership with America First Inc. to launch a two-phase waste-to-renewable energy initiative. During the first phase, a facility will be constructed to convert municipal solid waste (MSW) into refuse-derived fuel pellets. That facility will include recycling, sorting, shredding and pelletizing operations, with all nonrecyclable  components of MSW processed into fuel pellets. The proposed phase two component of the project will include the development of a gasification plant to convert a portion of the MSW pellets into drop-in biofuels.

Julie Pippel, Washington County director for environmental management, said the first phase of the initiative is currently expected to break ground in 2014, once all permitting requirements are met. Construction on phase two of the project would commence 18 months after phase one.

According to Pippel, pellets produced at the facility will be sold into various markets, including the industrial sector for use as fuel in boiler systems and kilns. Washington County will provide the facility with the MSW it collects. There are also plans to mine the landfill to recover buried MSW in the future.