Celebrating Bioenergy

On Oct. 17, the first-ever National Bioenergy Day, the industry showcased its workings with dozens of demonstrations, presentations and tours across the U.S.
By Anna Simet | November 26, 2013

Oct. 17 went down in history as the first-ever National Bioenergy Day, which was celebrated by trade associations, schools and universities in 13 U.S. states and one Canadian province.

On and around National Bioenergy Day, two dozen events were held to demonstrate the benefits of bioenergy, which includes biomass-to-electricity, thermal heat generated from wood, wood pellet manufacturing, and forestry. “In planning National Bioenergy Day, we wanted the focus to be on the role bioenergy plays in communities,” said Bob Cleaves, president of the Biomass Power Association. “The goal was to bring audiences, ideally people who benefit from bioenergy, to biomass facilities to witness firsthand what goes on.”

Some of the day’s special events included a tour of ReEnergy Holding’s Livemore Falls, Maine, biomass power facility, a shrub willow biomass harvest demonstration near Boonville, N.Y., by biomass energy supplier Celtic Energy, a tour of biomass demonstration projects, including an energy cabin and greenhouse digester at Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y., and a tour and biofuel demonstration at Mississippi State University’s Sustainable Energy Research Center.

Near Bakersfield, Calif., Mt. Poso Cogeneration held a tour of its 40-MW biomass facility, and Minnesota Power held a tour and presentation at its Grand Rapids, Minn., cofired biomass power plant. 

The National Bioenergy Day initiative was sponsored by the Biomass Power Association, Biomass Thermal Energy Council, American Council on Renewable Energy, Pellet Fuels Institute, Forest Landowners Association, U.S. Industrial Pellet Association, and Biomass Magazine.

Author: Anna Siimet
Editor, Biomass Magazine