CCEMC supports biogas, MSW pellet projects

By Chris Hanson | January 20, 2014

Alberta-based, Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation has added its support to 12 new renewable energy projects during 2012 and 2013, bringing its total to 51 projects with $213 million in committed funding.

CCEMC supports projects across the innovation chain, but the lion’s share of its investments, $108.2 million, was supporting projects in the later development stages. The 51 projects have a combined value of $1.56 billion and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10.2 megatons by 2020.

The company has helped support three projects by investing $10 million each. The City of Edmonton Waste Management Services project, which is the first of its kind in Alberta, will convert 40,000 metric tons of organic solid waste into biogas each year. 

Drayton Valley’s Aspen Integrated Resource Recovery facility will also receive $10 million from CCEMC to convert the town’s municipal waste into solid fuel pellets to be fired in Alberta coal plants. The facility has estimated it will reduce more than 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Alberta’s Blackspring Ridge is receiving $10 million for its 300 megawatt Blackspring Ridge Wind Project and will be the largest wind energy facility in Western Canada.

“The CCEMC knows that renewable energy and energy efficiency are vital in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, said Eric Newell, chairman of CCEMC. “Many of these projects will provide near term greenhouse gas emission reductions, spur additional investment and encourage broader adoption of clean technologies.”

The news was covered in the company’s 2012/2013 annual report, which was released in late December.