Biomass system to be sold at auction

By Erin Voegele | January 21, 2014

The Piney Creek Power Plant in Clarion, Pa., is being sold at auction. According to information released on the sale, the facility’s assets include a biomass system that was installed in 2012.

Asset management company Stuart B. Millner & Associates recently announced it signed a contract with Piney Creek Limited Partnership to liquidate the assets from the plant. The 32-megawatt (MW) power plant was built in 1991 for approximately $182 million. Information announced on the auction indicates that the facility has since undergone a series of expensive renovations.

In a press release announcing the auction, SBMA indicated that the state-of-the-art assets could prove to be an opportunity for buyers that need to meet mandatory renewable energy targets. The release also specified that the biomass system was newly installed in 2012.

The plant’s assets are being sold through multiple auction events. The first event, hosted online by Bidspotter, includes the biomass system, a boiler, a coal crusher and three transformers. The initial auction is scheduled to close Jan. 24.

Information published by SBMA indicates that the biomass system was manufacture by West Salem Machinery in 2011. The system includes a chain feeder, a belt discharge conveyor, a swing hammer hog, a HYD power unit and a belt discharge conveyor.

Additional information on the equipment and auction is available on the SBMA website.