Tim Portz

Tim Portz is the Vice President of Content for BBI International and the Executive Editor of Ethanol Producer Magazine,
Biodiesel Magazine and Biomass Magazine. In this role, Tim is responsible for the agenda development process for all of BBI International’s conferences including organizing the call for abstracts, forming review committees, working with the review committees to rate all received abstracts and finally establishing the program agenda. He also works closely with the editorial teams at BBI International to determine the content of the online and print outlets of BBI’s media products. Prior to beginning his career in renewable energy with BBI International Tim worked both as an educator and selling professional. Tim was born and raised in central Iowa and holds a BFA from the University of Iowa.

Latest Posts by Tim Portz

January 17, 2017

Denmark's Biomass Reboot

The smallest Nordic country is having a big impact on European pellet demand as DONG Energy, the country’s largest energy company, pivots away from coal and toward woody biomass. READ MORE

January 11, 2017

Thanks Charlie

Charlie Niebling, one of the more steadfast proponents of woody biomass, joined a New Hampshire Public Radio program to make an argument that woody biomass is an alternative energy source worth supporting. READ MORE

January 04, 2017

Strong O&M Programs Scale

Ours is an industry that scales well. Large or small, biomass operations must make a commitment to sound operations and maintenance fundamentals if they are to be successful. READ MORE

December 30, 2016

Bearing Down

Producers seeking to drive down overall operating expenses must find ways to prolong roller and roller bearing life. READ MORE

December 20, 2016

International Biomass Conference & Expo Agenda Coming Together

In its tenth year, the International Biomass Conference & Expo has certainly come of age. Tim Portz offers an early look at the world's largest "All Things Biomass" industry event. READ MORE

December 01, 2016

Out With the Old, In With the New

The best argument our industry has going for it in the context of a Trump administration is its ability to produce jobs, and for the next four years, we’d be wise to build our advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill on that premise. READ MORE

November 30, 2016

Scandinavian Swap-Out

Leveraging sea routes that connect to vast quantities of regional biomass, combined-heat-and-power stations across Scandinavia are retooling to capitalize on the carbon-neutral fuel. READ MORE

November 16, 2016

Asian Market Reboot

Last year's Asian production and consumption themed issue zeroed in on the excitement surrounding potential South Korean pellet demand, now Japan's wood pellet appetite has the potential to rapidly expand, making it this year's focus. READ MORE

November 15, 2016

My Trump Moment and Our Path Forward

Executive Editor Tim Portz shares a memory of his Trump moment and offers some early thoughts on how the biomass industry can and should approach our path forward under a Trump administration. READ MORE

November 14, 2016

Japan's Rising Pellet Sun

As wood pellet imports in Japan begin to accelerate, industry professionals offer cautious optimism that an Asian market opportunity for North American producers has arrived. READ MORE