Looking for Disaster Debris Cleanup Stories

After receiving a press release from a a waste treatment and biomass processing machine manufacturer, who is selling equipment to Japan to help with the cleanup from the earthquake and tsunami, I'm looking for other disaster debris news.
By Rona Johnson | June 10, 2011

My colleagues suggested I write this blog about Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., so it would be sure to be read by millions of people, but I couldn’t think of any jokes that involved biomass.

But speaking of disaster (insert rimshot), I am wondering if you have any disaster debris stories to share with me.

I received a press release this week from Komtech, a machine manufacturer, who is sending waste shredders to Japan to help with the cleanup from the earthquake and tsunami.

The company, which is based in Austria, specializes in waste treatment and biomass processing machines. Their general purpose waste shredders dubbed Terminator and Crambo are already being used in Japan.

I know there has to be many stories about equipment manufacturers, biomass processing plants and others who are helping with disaster debris cleanup or processing. If you are involved, shoot me an email at or leave a comment.

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