A Fact Worth Touting

By Luke Geiver | October 25, 2012

In roughly two weeks, the political piece of the bioenergy landscape will be solidified. The emails, paper fliers, television advertisements and everything else designed to sway our voting minds will begin to disappear. Most of us have already made our decision, so, in case you need a break from the propaganda before the ballots are officially counted and a winner chosen, here is an announcement from a waste-to-biofuels producer that might help you forget about all the election babble: Enerkem Inc., is hiring. Now that is a fact worth touting, no matter where the jobs will be.

The waste-to-fuels producer based in Canada is working to open a facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and the company is looking to fill 30 permanent bioenergy-based positions to run the facility.

“These are exciting times for us at Enerkem,” says Vincent Chornet, president and CEO of Enerkem. And they should be. There is no need to follow the theme of the month and head to a fact-checking website about Chornet’s claims either, just head to Enerkem’s own website.

On Saturday, the company is holding an open house in Edmonton for anyone interested or qualified in working at the plant that will convert waste bound for the city’s landfill into biofuel or biobased chemicals. The company is looking for managers, engineers, operators, technicians and administrative personnel. The next time the most recent email shows up explaining the lies of a campaign slogan, or the often-used political advertisement comes on and your mood immediately goes sour from another shallow (and often times factless) attempt to cloud your thoughts, remember the positive facts about Enerkem, the company is hiring for commercial production.