The Best View is a Transparent View

By Kolby Hoagland | August 16, 2013

Biomass Magazine and Ethanol Producer Magazine have begun their annual campaign to confirm producer data that each magazine keeps for biomass power and ethanol plants across North America. Via email and phone, every ethanol plant in Canada and the U.S. and every biomass power plant in the U.S. is being contacted to confirm the data used to build the producer maps for each magazine. The 2014 Biomass Power Map and 2013 Fall Ethanol Producer Map will be released in the November issues of their respective magazine with the updated data from our current campaign. The printed maps are supported by online versions at Biomass Magazine and Ethanol Producer Magazine, giving subscribers a bird’s eye view of plants along with their basic information. For a plant to be included on either map there are parameters that the respective plants must fall within. Biomass power plants must have a nameplate capacity equal or greater than 1 MW, consume equal or greater than 40% biomass fuel by volume, and have a FERC sanctioned interconnect to the grid that allows the power to flow onto the grid. Ethanol Plants must have an annual capacity of greater than 1 MMgy, 0.25 MMgy for advanced ethanol plants. If you are involved with a plant and would like to confirm the data that we have on record, please contact me at