National Advanced Biofuel Conference a Success

By Anna Simet | September 13, 2013

I just got back from the National Advanced Biofuel Conference & Expo in Omaha, late last night.

What a great week of networking, strategizing and knowledge/idea sharing.

While I enjoyed each day, I have to highlight the Corn Stover Harvest Transport and Storage Seminar. Held on Tuesday, the seminar really hammered into technological, logistical and environmental issues of using corn stover as a biofuel feedstock. The quality and quantity of information shared during the seminar was invaluable (and I am pretty sure I’m going to have dreams about corn stover for the next few weeks).

One particular quote that really stood out to me came from Chad Hart, Crops Market Specialist for Iowa State University. Hart was referencing old farm practices when horses were used, describing the oats used to power the horses (or the machinery, so to speak) as the “biofuel” of the old days. He then went on to say that over time our definition of biofuel has continued to evolve, with the RFS (renewable fuel standard) being the latest evolution of that.

Speaking of the was the hot topic at NABCE.  It’s impact on the industry, implementation challenges, it’s potential fate…check out coverage of the general session to find out what Advanced Biofuel Association President Michael McAdams had to say about it.

As McAdams said, it’s going to be an interesting six weeks for the industry, so hang on to your hats (and make your voice heard).

Thanks to all of you who joined us in Omaha and made NABCE so successful. Hope to see you soon at another event.