Bioenergy Conversions, Colocations and Integrations

The December issue of Biomass Magazine is already underway, themed conversions, colocations and integrations.
By Anna Simet | October 14, 2016

Today, our team sent the November coproducts issue of Biomass Magazine to print.  December is already underway—conversions, colocations and integrations—and, as always, I’m excited about the stories we have lined up.

After discussing our length pitch document, we struggled to choose which stories to tell, but ultimately, I think the most important ones won out.  So here’s an overview of what we’ll be looking into:

There have been and continue to be many large-scale coal-to-biomass conversions in Europe, policy and Brexit aside. There’s Fortum Värme, there’s Dong Energy’s trio—Skaerback, Avedore and Studstrip stations, and there’s RWE's Lynemouth power station, to name a few. Is your company involved in any of these projects? Now’s your chance to let it be known.

We’re also covering an awesome project up in Surrey, British Columbia, that is being built at the site of a wastewater treatment plant. The RNG produced there will use to fuel city vehicles, as well as a district heating plant. If you read our quarterly Biomass Construction Update that is compiled by yours truly, you might remember seeing it there.

And then there is the Boardman Power Station (maybe) conversion, here in the U.S. I wrote a story a few weeks ago on the planned test burn, and though the December issue will go to print just before it happens, I’m hoping to write a piece on the technology being used, the test preparation, expectations, hopes, etc. I have been writing about biomass power for the better part of a decade, and I can’t recall a power plant of this size doing this significant of a torrefied biomass test burn. That is, in the U.S. We’ll follow up with something later on test burn results, once Boardman is ready to share.

The last story I’ll mention is Canfor’s two pellet mills up in Chetwynd and Fort St. John in Vancouver, British Columbia. They went online early this year, and are located at the sites of two of the company’s sawmills.

With these kinds of stories, we love to bring in the many companies, contractors, technology suppliers, etc., who worked (or are working) on these projects, playing a role in their ultimate success. Reach out to us—we want to hear the story from your point of view.