2016 is a Wrap

On Wednesday, we sent the December issue of Biomass Magazine to the printer, marking the completion of volume 10 of the title.
By Anna Simet | November 18, 2016

On Wednesday, we sent the December issue of Biomass Magazine to the printer. While I always feel gratified when finishing up an issue, this one had a little more meaning: its completion marked the finish of volume 10 of our title.

I’ve been writing for Biomass Magazine for about 8 ½ of those volumes, and my colleague, Executive Editor Tim Portz, is just behind that. For monthly BMM contributor and Senior Editor Ron Kotrba, while not exclusively for Biomass Magazine, he’s been writing for our company for over 10 years. When Obama exits the White House, we will have all been on this team for the entirety of his presidency, so it will be very, very interesting to observe—and report on—the changes the industry experiences when Trump takes the reins.

And I should note, Associate Editor Katie Fletcher—also Pellet Mill Magazine managing editor—has been on board for 2 ½ years, and brings a ton of value to the team.

On that note, I recently saw the (U.K.) Wood Heat Association and Renewable Energy Association launched a new wood heat campaign, targeting the new government while it determines how it will fund wood heat technologies under the Renewable Heating Incentive.

With the new U.S. administration, is it time we do something like that? Biomass Magazine columnist Ben Bell-Walker of the Biomass Thermal Energy Council mentions in his December column that there’s been talk in the industry that maybe that’s something we need—and just maybe it is. Post-election, many leaders in our sector have said the job creation aspect of wood energy is something we need to start bellowing into our megaphones. While there are many other benefits to use as talking points, perhaps that’s our strongest suit right now, with homegrown energy being a close second.

Looking forward to delivering volume 11 of Biomass Magazine in 2017.

Oh, and a side note—we’re accepting abstracts for the International Biomass Conference & Expo, which we’re thrilled to bring back here to Minneapolis. Click here to submit, or find out more.