A Treat for Stats Nuts

The International Energy Agency has released an online, interactive global energy atlas.
By Anna Simet | December 29, 2016


This week, I was on Twitter—which, by the way, I am still learning and working on using (add me! @biomassanna)—and I came across a link to the International Energy Agency’s Energy Atlas. And let me tell you…this. Is. Neat.

From coal consumption, to emissions per capita, to renewable electricity generation, you can find—by country, and ranked from the most to least—all of this data, and much, much more.  

Here’s a snapshot of the categories you can explore, and their subcategories.

So picking renewables specifically, I can go in and further hone in on different categories, such as share of solid biofuels in total renewables production, by country. I selected Austria, which is at 47 percent, according to that data. After clicking on that country, I can not only see that data point and accompanying graph, but it also breaks that country’s renewable information into down in several other graphs, including total production of renewables, share renewables in total energy production, share of renewables in electricity production, and in total energy supply. With just a click, you can add countries to each graph if you want to do comparisons.

And if you’re just really interested in a specific country and its energy data, you can pull up its individual energy profile. Here’s the U.S.:


One could spend a lot of time on here. Kudos and thanks to the IEA for such a cool and valuable tool.

Happy New Year!