Inside February 2012


Words from the Wise

BY Anna AustinA study by a group of forest scientists confirms forest-derived bioenergy results in no net carbon release READ MORE

Combined Calefaction

BY Luke GeiverA Canadian community merged three biomass plants into one big success story for district heat. READ MORE

Revitalizing Rubbertown

BY Anna AustinA biomass conversion in Louisville, Ky., will revamp a closed coal boiler house, saving and creating more than 350 jobs. READ MORE

Betting on Biorefining

BY Erin VoegeleValero Energy Corp.’s investment in the advanced biofuels sector benefits startups and lends an increased aura of confidence to the industry READ MORE

The BP Biofuels Story

Perspectives from the president on RFS2, Florida and green beginnings READ MORE

Synergy by Design

BY Bryan SimsShell’s collaboration with Virent Energy Systems is propelling the firm to new heights in biorefining READ MORE

Industry News

Biomass in the Garden State

BY Anna AustinNew Jersey’s new energy plan raises the biomass bar READ MORE

A Perfect Plan

BY Luke GeiverDenmark plans for 100 percent renewable energy use by 2050. READ MORE

Flaring Potential

BY Luke GeiverFlexEnergy illustrates growth in global biomass energy capacity that may reach 83.1 GW by 2017 READ MORE

Dutch Ports Prepare

BY Luke GeiverThe Port of Amsterdam is just one of many Dutch ports planning for biomass handling READ MORE


First to Market

BY Bryan SimsSpecialty chemical firm to introduce world’s first biobased EPDM rubber READ MORE

A Soggy Solution

BY Erin VoegeleProfessor formulates plan using flood plains for biomass production READ MORE

A Positive Evaluation

BY Erin VoegeleVirent’s renewable gasoline successfully completes road trial READ MORE

Equipping the Cellulosic Future

BY Erin VoegeleInbicon, Metso to mesh technologies, design second-gen equipment READ MORE

Upstream Standardization

BY Bryan SimsEstablishing a uniform intermediate feedstock standard for algae READ MORE

Powerful Names Unite

USESC urges support for alternative fuels, stronger infrastructure READ MORE

Studious by Nature

BY Bryan SimsHow a BP-sponsored grant will optimize biomass use READ MORE

Project Financing: the Insured Way

Insurance packages could be the next tool to mitigate technology risk READ MORE

Renewable Cars

BY Erin VoegeleVehicles get greener with biobased components READ MORE

Gateway to a Multi-Biomass Approach

BY Bryan SimsDiversified inputs in novel thermochem platform drive commercialization READ MORE