Inside March/April 2018 BMM


Powering Paradise

BY Ron KotrbaA decade of project development for Honua Ola Bioenergy, formerly known as Hu Honua, on the big island of Hawaii nears completion. READ MORE

A Wood Heat State of Mind

BY Anna SimetWood heat is common in New York homes, but there's a need for higher-efficiency, lower-emitting devices, and ongoing support for new residential and commercial installations. READ MORE

From Concept to Construction

BY Patrick C. Miller Fiberight’s new Maine waste-to-energy plant has persevered development challenges, and will soon turn the waste of over 100 communities into biogas and compost. READ MORE

A Straighter, Shorter Pathway

BY Sue Retka SchillConfidence builds in overcoming the hurdles slowing corn kernel fiber-to-cellulosic ethanol approvals. READ MORE


Are Black Pellets Ready to Compete with White Pellets?

BY William Strauss and Laurenz Schmidt Advanced wood pellets, often called black pellets due to their appearance after thermal treatment, have long been touted as a superior fuel to conventional white wood pellets. READ MORE

Organic Waste to Watts in Wine Country

BY Jim McMahon Planned for full operation in mid-2018, San Luis Obispo County’s new state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion facility will convert source-separated organic waste into biogas and high-grade compost. READ MORE

From Plant to Port

BY David Marks Before being used as fuel at Drax’s U.K. power station, wood pellets make a long journey that the company has fine-tuned. READ MORE

Siting a New Facility: Costly Mistakes

BY Stan Parton Successfully bypassing numerous potential project development pitfalls requires a deep understanding of the wood fiber supply chain. READ MORE