Inside May/June Biomass


Building Out Biomass in the Land Down Under

BY Patrick C. Miller Will Australia use bioenergy to its full potential, or primarily serve export markets? READ MORE

Rallying for RNG

BY Anna Simet The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas’s Marcus Gillette discusses the organization, its goals and progress in expanding the production and use of RNG in North America. READ MORE

From Impoverished to Empowered

BY Ron Kotrba The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa, a multidonor fund administered by the African Development Bank Group, is making headway in effecting real socioeconomic change in sub-Saharan Africa—and biomass power is an integral component. READ MORE


Healthy Demand for Southern Timber Ensures Forested Lands Remain Forested

BY Hannah Jeffries The evidence is clear: Demand for forest products—including wood pellets, wood chips and other renewable wood resources used to generate energy—is associated with more, not less, productive forests. READ MORE