Inside January-February Biomass Magazine


Northern Ambition

BY Matt Merritt The steady build-out of Canada’s industrial wood pellet industry continues, driven by multiple motivations. READ MORE

Gold Rush

BY Ron Kotrba Daryl Maas followed his dreams to California, where he is filling an important niche helping mitigate climate change and dairy farmers mine the lucrative rewards of cow manure. READ MORE

Shouldering Risk For Forest Restoration

BY Anna Simet Backed by the U.S. Endowment for Forestry & Communities, construction of Restoration Fuels, a commercial-scale torrefaction facility in John Day, Oregon, is well underway. READ MORE


Siting a New Bioenergy Facility: Pitfalls and Preconditions

BY Stan Parton Siting a new project in an optimal wood basin is critical to ensuring that a sustainable, affordable wood supply is available throughout its life. READ MORE

Biomass Refractories: One Size Does Not Fit All

BY Jim Caprio and Brent Buchcuski Performing a process audit and understanding wear mechanisms can drastically maximize lining performance. READ MORE

Commercial and Institutional Biomass Projects: Dos and Don’ts

BY Bede W. Wellford There are many important factors to consider and key steps to take when pursuing an on-site biomass heating project. READ MORE

Biomass Magazine's Sponsor Spotlight

BY Sponsored Content This month's Sponsor Spotlight details Continental Blower's efforts in the biogas and RNG industry, TerraSource Global's Jeffrey Radar TubeFeeder technology for fiber storage and reclaim, and E=MC3's progress toward developing a high-quality, high- READ MORE

The Evolution of High-Velocity Thermal Spray

BY Marina Silva High-velocity thermal spray was initially used in specialized shop applications but is now widely deployed in the energy sector for critical equipment protection. READ MORE

Reduce Conveyor Maintenance Time Through Better Access

BY Jerad Heitzler Improved conveyor access can significantly reduce maintenance time and prevent injuries. READ MORE

The Growing Importance of PKS in the Japanese Biomass Market

BY Rachael Levinson The Japanese biomass market—particularly its relative fuel flexibility compared to the wood pellet-dominated European market—will create an interesting trading environment as demand grows in the coming years. READ MORE