A Dutch Dilemma

BY Tim PortzThe Netherlands’ under-debate energy policies could create an additional 3.5 million tons of annual pellet demand or introduce inefficiencies that will put the market out of reach for most North American producers. READ MORE

Deutschland’s Sleeping Giant

BY Katie FletcherAlthough Germany’s pellet supply and demand has steadily increased over the years, recent factors have impacted growth. READ MORE

All That Glitters

BY Anna SimetWhile domestic demand soars and export challenges remain daunting, small and midsized North American producers may choose to leave bustling foreign markets to the big guys. READ MORE

January/February 2015

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The European Front

BY Tim Portz

This issue of Pellet Mill Magazine takes a look at the European pellet industry. Tim Portz says the issue clearly indicates all producers, whether selling to Europe or not, are impacted by market dynamics and the unfolding public debate there.

A Call for Transparency in Dutch Sustainability Rulemaking

BY Seth Ginther

Seth Ginther says transparency is key to effective policymaking when developing sustainability criteria for solid biomass. The Netherlands began this process behind closed doors, initiating an industry call to open the process to the public.

Quality Considerations for European Markets

BY Chris Wiberg

There are quality requirements wood pellet producers should consider when selling their production into European markets, or looking for opportunities with those buyers. Chris Wiberg says it all boils down to understanding your customer's needs.

Business Briefs

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