Building Out For New Business

BY Luke Leroy Ports across North America are upgrading facilities, tweaking logistics and increasing marketing efforts to attract tenants involved in the growing wood pellet export market. READ MORE

Staying The Course

BY Anna SimetA milestone for achieving the historically elusive parity of biomass heat with other renewables, the BTU Act has finally passed. Now, industry stakeholders must strategize and collaborate to capitalize on momentum. READ MORE


Russia’s Global Wood Pellet Supply Potential

BY Maria Frolova According to official data, Russia is one of the world's largest wood pellet producers, ranking among the top five. READ MORE

Baum Pneumatics: Explosion Safety, Fast Recovery Design Approach

BY Ehsan Tootoonchi Along with passive preventive measures, fast recovery after a controlled explosion incident should be a top priority in engineering design criteria of pneumatic conveying devices. READ MORE

ButlerWood: Quality, Consistent Cook Wood

BY Pellet Mill Magazine Family-owned ButlerWood supplies quality cookwood to the growing BBQ pellet market. READ MORE

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BY Tim Portz

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