Coming into the Country

BY Tim PortzSuperior Pellet Fuels General Manager Chad Schumacher talks about the long and winding road that led to the construction of Alaska's first operating pellet mill. READ MORE

Blazing New Trails in Pellet Project Development

BY Tim PortzA close examination of the plants and projects tracked by Pellet Mill Magazine reveals a radical departure in scope is emerging when existing pellet mills are compared to those under construction or in various stages of preconstruction development. READ MORE

Crop-Based Pellets for Power, Fuel and Ag Heat

BY Sue Retka SchillTwo Missouri companies are looking to pelletize crop residues and energy crops, following very different business models. MFA Oil Biomass is first developing a new energy crop and Enginuity Worldwide started with an engineered pellet. READ MORE

Getting Green Heat to Main Street

BY Chris HansonIn the Northern Forest region of New Hampshire and the western foothills of Maine, the Northern Forest Center's Model Neighborhood Project is helping residents switch from fuel oil to wood pellet boilers and fostering growth in the pellet industry. READ MORE

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