The Newest in Stylish, Warm Room Heating

BY Chris HansonWith controls ranging from basic to highly sophisticated, pellet stoves are increasingly more efficient, easier to use and cleaner. READ MORE

The Challenge of Forecasting Pellet Demand

BY Sue Retka SchillCan the demand boost from this winter’s severe cold and energy costs be sustained? READ MORE

UK Coal-to-Pellet Conversions Ahead 

BY Keith Loria The move from coal to biomass power continues as DECC names projects for support program. READ MORE


At the Confluence of Forest Health and Renewable Energy

BY Tim PortzAs the pine beetle epidemic ravages Colorado’s stands of lodgepole pine, Mark Mathis and Confluence Energy stand ready to help clean up the devastation. READ MORE

Project Comparison Focuses Thinking on Effective Incentives

BY Eric Kingsley Four pellet heat projects provide different levels of savings and returns. READ MORE

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