Biogas Plants

Last Modified on October 30, 2014

Company Plant Location Energy Product(s)
  Alban Dairy  Milbank, SD    Boiler/Furnace Fuel; Electricity 
  AA Dairy  Candor, NY    Cogeneration 
  ABEC Bidart-Old River LLC  Bakersfield, CA    Electricity 
  ABEC Bidart-Stockdale LLC  Bakersfield, CA    Electricity 
  ABEC New Hope LLC  Galt, CA    Electricity 
  AgPower Double A Dairy Digester  Jerome, ID    Electricity 
  Allen Farms/Titan 55  Oshkosh, WI    CHP (combined heat and power) 
  Alliance Dairy  Trenton, FL    Electricity 
  Amana Farms, Inc.  Amana, IA    Cogeneration 
  AMBRIDGE STP  AMBRIDGE, PA    Pipeline gas 
  Apex Pork  Rio, IL    Cogeneration 
  Aurora Ridge Dairy  Aurora, NY    Electricity 
  Bach Digester, LLC  Dorchester, WI    Electricity 
  Bacon Hill Farm  Dodge, NE    Cogeneration and transportation 
  Barstow's Longview Farm / AGreen Energy, LLC  Hadley, MA     
  Bernie Faber Dairy (CalGon Dairy)  Salem, OR    Cogeneration 
  Bettencourt - Rock Creek Dairy Complex  Filer, ID    Electricity 
  Bettencourt Dairy B6 Farm  Jerome, ID    Cogeneration 
  Big Sky West Dairy  Gooding, ID    Electricity 
  Bio Town Ag, Inc.  Reynolds, IN    Cogeneration 
  Black Farms  Lillington, NC    Electricity 
  Blue Spruce Farm, Inc. / Audet's Cow Power  Bridport, VT    Cogeneration 
  Bob Giacomini Dairy  Point Reyes Station, CA    Cogeneration 
  Bortnick Dairy  Conneautville, PA    Cogeneration 
  Bos Dairy  Fair Oaks, IN    Electricity 
  Boxler Dairy  Varysburg, NY    Cogeneration 
  Bridgewater Dairy, LLC  Montpelier, OH    Cogeneration 
  Brinson Farms  Prentiss, MS    Cogeneration; Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Brookside Dairy  Homer City, PA    Cogeneration 
  Brubaker Farms  Mount Joy, PA    Cogeneration 
  Bullfrog Dairy  Imperial, CA    Electricity 
  Burrows Hall Farm  Nesmith, SC    Cogeneration 
  Butler Farms  Lillington, NC    Electricity 
  CAL-Denier Dairy  Galt, CA    Electricity 
  Castelanelli Bros. Dairy  Lodi, CA    Electricity 
  Cayuga Regional Digester Bioenergy Enterprise  Auburn, NY    Cogeneration 
  Central Sands Dairy, LLC  Nekoosa, WI    Electricity 
  Chaput Family Farms  North Troy, VT    Cogeneration 
  Charles Zimmerman Farm / Anergy, Inc.  Myerstown, PA    Electricity 
  Clover Hill Dairy, LLC  Campbellsport, WI    Cogeneration 
  Collins Chick Farm  Lamar, SC    Cogeneration 
  CottonWood Dairy  Atwater, CA    Cogeneration; Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Crave Brothers Dairy Farm / Clear Horizons LLC  Waterloo, WI    Cogeneration 
  Crescent Duck Farm  Aquebogue, NY    Electricity 
  Cushman Dairy  North Franklin, CT    Electricity 
  Dairy Dreams  Casco, WI    Electricity 
  Dairy Energy, Inc. (Van der Hyde Dairy)  Chatham, VA    Cogeneration 
  Dane County Digester - Vienna  Vienna, WI    Electricity 
  David High  Selinsgrove, PA    Cogeneration 
  Den Dulk Dairy  Ravenna, MI    Cogeneration 
  Diamond K Dairy/Ponderosa Dairies  Altura, MN    Cogeneration 
  Dickson Farms  Bath, NY     
  District 45 Dairy  Hancock, MN    Cogeneration 
  Double B Dairy / New Energy Three, LLC  Murtaugh, ID    Electricity 
  Dovan Farms  Berlin, PA    Cogeneration 
  Dubois Farm  Vergennes, VT    Cogeneration 
  Duffield Dairy  Duffield, PA    Cogeneration 
  Edaleen Cow Power, LLC  Lynden, WA    Electricity 
  Elite Energy  Dos Palos, CA     
  Emerald Dairy  Emerald, WI    Cogeneration 
  Emerling Farms  Perry, NY    Cogeneration 
  Fair Oaks Dairy - Digester 1  Fair Oaks, IN    Electricity and transportation fuel 
  Fair Oaks Dairy - Digester 2  Fair Oaks, IN    Cogeneration; CNG 
  Farm Power Lynden  Lynden, WA    Electricity 
  Farm Power Misty Meadow  Tillamook, OR    Cogeneration 
  Farm Power Rexville  Mount Vernon, WA    Electricity 
  Farm Power Tillamook  Tillamook, OR    Electricity 
  FCPC Renewable Generation, LLC  Milwaukee, WI    CHP 
  Fessenden Family Dairy  King Ferry, NY    Electricity 
  Fiscalini Farms  Modesto, CA    Cogeneration 
  Five Star Dairy Farm  Elk Mound, WI    Cogeneration 
  Four Hills Farm  Bristol, VT    Cogeneration 
  Four Winds Dairy LLC  Ulysses, PA    Cogeneration 
  Fremont Community Digester  Freemont, MI    Electricity 
  G DeRuyter & Sons Dairy  Outlook, WA    Electricity 
  Gardeau Crest Farms  Perry, NY    Cogeneration 
  Gebbie's Maplehurst Farm  Greensboro, VT    Electricity 
  Geerlings Hillside Farms Overisel Hog Facility  Hamilton, MI    Cogeneration; Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Gervais Family Farm  Bakersfield, VT    Electricity 
  Gordondale Farms  Nelsonville, WI    Cogeneration 
  Green Meadow Dairy  Elsie, MI    Electricity 
  Green Mountain Dairy, LLC  Sheldon, VT    Cogeneration 
  Green Valley Dairy  Krakow, WI    Cogeneration 
  Green Whey Energy  Turtle Lake, WI    CHP 
  Greenwood Dairy Farm  Canton, NY    Electricity 
  Grotegut Dairy Farm, Inc.  Marquette, WI    Cogeneration 
  Gundersen Health - Middleton/ Ziegler Dairy Farm  Middleton, WI     
  Half Dutch Farm  Clifton Springs, NY     
  Hampton Feed Lot  Triplet, MO    Electricity 
  Hard Earned Acres  Shippensburg, PA    Cogeneration 
  Haubenschild Farms  Princeton, MN    Cogeneration; Electricity 
  Heller Farms / Cow Poo, LLC  Alma Center, WI    Cogeneration 
  Herrema Dairy  Fair Oaks, IN    Cogeneration 
  Hidden View  Rensselaer, IN    Cogeneration 
  Hilarides Dairy/ Three Sisters Cheese  Lindsay, CA    Electricity; CNG 
  Hillcrest Dairy (Formerly New Horizons)  Elmwood, IL    Cogeneration 
  Hillcrest Saylors Farm  Rockwood, PA    Cogeneration 
  Holsum Dairy - Elm Road  Hilbert, WI    Cogeneration 
  Holsum Dairy - Irish Road  Hilbert, WI    Cogeneration 
  Hooley Digester  Tillamook, OR    Electricity 
  Huckabay Ridge  Stephenville, TX    Pipeline Gas 
  Huls Dairy  Corvallis, MT    Electricity; Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Hunter Haven Farms, Inc.  Pearl City, IL    Cogeneration 
  Ideal Family Farms  Beavertown, PA    Cogeneration 
  JEM Farm  Zullinger, PA    Cogeneration; Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Jer-Lindy Farms  Brooten, MN    Electricity 
  Jones County Poultry Digester  Laurel, MS    Cogeneration 
  Joneslan Farm  Hyde Park, VT    Electricity 
  Jordan Farms / AGreen Energy, LLC  Rutland, MA    Cogeneration 
  Kane's Scenic River Farms  Enosburg Falls, VT    Electricity 
  Keewaydin Farm  Stowe, VT    Cogeneration 
  Kettle Butte Dairy  Roberts, ID    Cogeneration 
  Kilby's Inc.  Colora, MD    Electricity 
  Kish-View Farms  Belleville, PA    Cogeneration 
  Lamb Farms  Oakfield, NY    Electricity 
  Landyshade Farms  Lancaster, PA    Cogeneration 
  Langerwerf Dairy  Durham, CA    Cogeneration 
  Lawnhurst Farms  Stanley, NY    Electricity 
  Linkenmeyer Family Feeders / Link Energy, LLC  Riceville, IA    Electricity 
  Loyd Ray Farms  Boonville, NC    Electricity 
  M&N Nursery  Montpelier, MS    Cogeneration; Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Mains Farm  Newville, PA    Cogeneration 
  Maple Leaf Dairy  Cleveland, WI    Cogeneration 
  Maple Leaf West  Cleveland, WI    Electricity 
  Mason Dixon Farms  Gettysburg, PA    Cogeneration 
  Meadowbrook Dairy  El Mirage, CA    Electricity 
  Mill Creek Dairy  West Unity, OH    Electricity 
  Mills Dairy  Forest, MS    Electricity; Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Montagne Farm  Swanton, VT    Cogeneration 
  Monument Farms  Weybridge, VT    Cogeneration 
  Mor-Dale Farms  Bethel, PA    Electricity 
  Neighborhood Energy LLC at Maxwell Farms  Coventry, VT    Electricity 
  Neighborly Farms  Randolph Center, VT    Electricity 
  New Chester Clean Energy  New Chester, WI    Electricity, CNG 
  New Hope Dairy  Galt, CA    Electricity 
  NMSU / Gonzalez Dairy  La Mesa, NM    Electricity 
  Noblehurst Farms - Maternity Barn  York, NY    CHP 
  Norm-E-Lane, Inc. (NEL)  Chili, WI    Cogeneration 
  Norswiss Farms  Rice Lake, WI    Electricity 
  Northern Plains Dairy  St. Peter, MN    Cogeneration 
  Oak Hill Farm  Nottingham, PA    Electricity 
  Oregon Dairy Farm  Manheim, PA    Cogeneration 
  Pagels Ponderosa Dairy  Kewaunee, WI    Electricity 
  Panda Ethanol - Hereford  Hereford, TX     
  Patterson Farms  Auburn, NY    Cogeneration 
  Penn England Farm  Williamsburg, PA    Cogeneration 
  Pennwood Farms  Berlin, PA    Electricity 
  Pine Hurst Acres  Danville, PA    Electricity 
  Pine Island Farm  Sheffield, MA    Cogeneration 
  Pleasant Valley Farms - Berkshire Cow Power, LLC  Berkshire, VT    Cogeneration 
  Qualco Energy  Monroe, WA    Electricity 
  Quantum Dairy  Weyauwega, WI    Cogeneration 
  quasar energy group - Central Ohio  Columbus, OH    Electricity; CNG 
  quasar energy group - Collinwood  Cleveland, OH    Electricity 
  quasar energy group - Haviland  Haviland, OH    Electricity; CNG 
  quasar energy group - Wooster  Wooster, OH    Electricity; CNG 
  quasar energy group - Zanesville  Zanesville, OH    Electricity; CNG 
  Rainier Biogas  Enumclaw, WA    Electricity 
  Reinford Farms  Mifflintown, PA    Cogeneration 
  Reinford-Frymoyer Farm  Mifflintown, PA    Electricity 
  RES Ag DM 2 - 1 LLC  Magnolia, NC    Electricity 
  RES Ag DM 4 - 3 LLC  Magnolia, NC    Electricity 
  RES Ag Lochmead LLC  Junction City, OR    Electricity 
  RES Ag Oak Lea LLC  Aumsville, OR    Electricity 
  RES Forest Glen Oaks LLC  Dayton, OR    Electricity 
  Ridgeline Farm  Clymer, NY    Cogeneration 
  Ringler Energy, LLC  Cardington, OH    Boiler/Furnace Fuel; CNG 
  Riverview Dairy  Morris, MN    Electricity 
  Roach Dairy Farm  Scipio Center, NY    Electricity 
  Rocky Knoll Swine Farm  Lancaster, PA    Cogeneration 
  R-Qubed Energy - Dona Ana  Mesquite, NM    Pipeline Gas 
  S & A Kreider Farms  Quarryville, PA    Electricity 
  SaniGreen Bioenergy  St. Paul, MN     
  Scenic View Dairy - Fennville  Fennville, MI    Cogeneration 
  Scenic View Dairy - Freeport  Freeport, MI    Electricity; Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Schrack Farms  Loganton, PA    Cogeneration 
  Seaboard Foods Wakefield Farm  Turpin, OK     
  Sensenig Farm  Kirkwood, PA    Cogeneration 
  Seyfert Farm / Anergy, Inc.  Lebanon, PA    Electricity 
  Sheland Farms  Adams, NY    Cogeneration 
  Sievers Family Farms  New Liberty, IA    Electricity 
  Slate Ridge Farm  St. Thomas, PA    Cogeneration 
  Statz Brothers, Inc.  Sun Prairie, WI    Cogeneration 
  Stonyvale Farm / Exeter Agri-Energy, LLC  Exeter, ME    Electricity 
  Storms Farm  Bladenboro, NC    Electricity 
  Stotz Southern Dairy  Buckeye, AZ     
  Straus Family Dairy  Marshall, CA    Cogeneration 
  Sunderland Dairy  Chester, UT    Electricity 
  Sunny Knoll Farm  Perry, NY    Cogeneration 
  Sunnyside Farms  Scipio Center, NY    Electricity 
  Sunrise Dairy (formerly Suring Community Dairy)  Suring, WI    Cogeneration 
  SUNY at Morrisville  Morrisville, NY    Cogeneration 
  Suwannee Farms  O'Brien, FL     
  Swager Farms Dairy / New Energy Two, LLC  Buhl, ID    Electricity 
  Swiss Valley Farms  Warsaw, NY    Electricity 
  Synergy Dairy - Covington  Covington, NY    Electricity 
  The Plant, Bubbly Dynamics, LLC  Chicago, IL    CHP 
  Threemile Canyon Farms  Boardman, OR    Electricity 
  Tollenaar Holsteins Dairy  Elk Grove, CA    Electricity 
  Top Deck Holsteins  Westgate, IA    Cogeneration 
  Twin Birch Dairy  Skaneateles, NY    Electricity; Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  USDA-Beltsville ARS facility, Unmixed Tank  Beltsville, MD    Electricity 
  USEMCO - Peters Farm  Chaseburg, WI    Electricity 
  UW Oshkosh Foundation, Rosendale Biodigester, LLC  Pickett, WI    CHP (combined heat and power) 
  UW Oshkosh Foundation, Rosendale Biodigester, LLC  Rosendale, WI    CHP 
  Van Dyk Dairy  Lynden, WA    Electricity 
  Van Erk Dairy  Haviland, OH    Electricity 
  Van Slyke's Dairy  Portageville, NY     
  Van Warmerdam Dairy  Galt, CA    Electricity 
  Vander Haak Dairy  Lynden, WA    Electricity 
  Vermont Technical College - Randolph Center  Randolph Center, VT    Cogeneration 
  Villa Pine Farm / Anergy, Inc.  Myerstown, PA    Electricity 
  Vir-Clar Farms  Fond du lac, WI    Cogeneration 
  Volm Farms  Kewaskum, WI    Cogeneration 
  Wadeland Dairy  West Weber, UT    Cogeneration 
  Wagner Farms  Poestenkill, NY    Cogeneration 
  Walker Farms LLC  Fort Ann, NY    Cogeneration 
  Wanner's Pride-N-Joy Farm  Narvon, PA    Cogeneration 
  Waste No Energy  Monticello, IN     
  Wenning Poultry Farm  Ft Recovery, OH    Cogeneration 
  West River Dairy  Morris, MN    Electricity 
  Westminster Farms  Putney, VT    Cogeneration 
  Wild Rose Dairy  LaFarge, WI    Electricity 
  Willet Dairy - Belltown  King Ferry, NY    Cogeneration 
  Wright Whitty Davis Farms, Inc.  Baxley, GA    Electricity; Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  WTE - Dairyland  Casco, WI    Cogeneration; Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  WTE - Dallmann  Brillion, WI    Cogeneration 
  WTE - Deer Run  Kewaunee, WI    Cogeneration 
  WTE - S & S Ag  Sturgeon Bay, WI    Electricity 
  WTE - Wakker  Kewaunee, WI    Electricity 
  Wyoming Premium Farms 1  Wheatland, WY    Electricity 
  Wyoming Premium Farms 2  Wheatland, WY    Electricity 
  Yippee! Farms  Mount Joy, PA    Cogeneration 
  Zuber Farms  Byron, NY    Cogeneration 
  Baldwin Dairy  Baldwin, WI    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Barham Farms - Complete Mix  Zebulon, NC    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Barham Farms - Covered Lagoon  Zebulon, NC    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Cargill - Sandy River Farm  Morrilton, AR    Flared Full Time 
  Christensen Farms (Formerly Colorado Pork)  Lamar, CO    Flared Full Time 
  Coyne Farm  Avon, NY    Flared Full Time 
  Creek Acres Farm  Amsterdam, NY    Flared Full Time 
  EL-VI Farms  Newark, NY    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Four Cubs Farm  Grantsburg, WI    Flared Full Time 
  Freund Farm  East Cannan, CT    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  JBS Swift / Microgy  Grand Island, NE    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Linde Dairy  White, SD    Flared Full Time 
  Miedema Dairy  Circleville, OH    Flared Full Time 
  Murphy Brown LLC - Kenansville Farm #2539  Faison, NC    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Premium Standard - High Plains S-5  Dalhart, TX    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Premium Standard - High Plains W-F  Dalhart, TX    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Premium Standard - Valley View Farm (Crystal Peak)  Green City, MO    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Ridgecrest Dairy  Genoa, NY    Flared Full Time 
  UGA Double Bridges Farm  Athens, GA    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  University of Florida Dairy Research Unit  Hague, FL    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Western Plains Energy, LLC  Oakley, KS    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Will-O-Crest Farm  Clifton Springs, NY    Flared Full Time 
  Willow Point Dairy  Orleans, MI    Boiler/Furnace Fuel 
  Windy Ridge Dairy  Fair Oaks, IN    Flared Full Time 
Toledo, City Of  TOLEDO BAY VIEW PARK WWTP & SEWERS  TOLEDO, OH    Electricity 
Asheboro, City Of  ASHEBORO WWTP  Asheboro, NC    Pipeline gas 
Berkeley Twp  OCEAN CNTY UTIL AUTH CWPCF  Bayville, NJ    Pipeline gas 
Bettencourtt  Dry Creek Dairy  Hansen, ID    Cogeneration 
Bloomington-Normal Water Reclaimation District  BLOOMINGTON and Normal - WEST WRF  BLOOMINGTON, IL    Pipeline gas 
Broward County Commissions  NORTH REGIONAL WWTP - Pompano Beach  POMPANO BEACH, FL    Electricity 
Burbank, City Of  BURBANK WRP  BURBANK, CA    Pipeline gas 
Cedar Rapids, City Of  CEDAR RAPIDS WWTP  Cedar Rapids, IA    Pipeline gas 
Central Marin Sanitation Agency  Central Marin Sanitation Agency  San Rafael, CA    Electricity 
Ch2M Hill Omi  City of Coos Bay WWTP No. 1  Coos Bay, OR    Electricity 
Ch2M Hill Omi  City of Coos Bay WWTP No. 2  Coos Bay, OR    Electricity 
City And County Of Broomfield  Broomfield Wastewater Treatment Facility  Broomfield, CO    Electricity 
City of Akron  KB BioEnergy  Akron, OH    CHP 
City Of Austin  Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant  Austin, TX    Electricity 
City Of Boulder  City of Boulder, Colorado WWTF  Boulder, CO    Electricity 
City Of Davenport  DAVENPORT WWTP  Davenport, IA    Electricity 
City Of Durango  City of Durango WWTP  Durango, CO    Electricity 
City Of Englewood, City Of Littleton  Littleton/Englewood WWTP  Englewood, CO    Electricity 
City Of Eugene Oregon  Eugene/Springfield Water Pollution Control Facility  Eugene, OR    Electricity and transportation fuel 
City Of Fond Du Lac  City of Fond du Lac Water Pollution Control Plant  Fond du Lac, WI    Electricity 
City Of Fresno  Fresno/Clovis Regional Wastewater Reclamation Facility  Fresno, CA    Electricity 
City Of Gresham  City of Gresham  Portland, OR    Electricity 
City Of London, Oh  LONDON WWTP  LONDON, OH    Electricity 
City Of Los Angeles  Hyperion Treatment Plant, City of Los Angeles  Playa Del Rey, CA    Pipeline gas 
City Of Memphis/ Division Of Public Works  T E Maxson and the  Memphis, TN    Pipeline gas 
City Of Memphis/Public Works Division  Stiles WWTP  Memphis, TN    Pipeline gas 
City Of Owatonna  Owatonna Wastewater Treatment Facility  Owatonna, MN    Electricity 
City Of Petoskey  City of Petoskey WWTP  Petoskey, MI    Electricity 
City Of Pocatello  City of Pocatello WPC facility  Pocatello, ID    Electricity 
City of Roswell  ROSWELL STP  ROSWELL, NM    Pipeline gas 
City Of Salem  Willow Lake Water Pollution Control Facility - Salem, OR  Salem, OR    Electricity 
City of San Diego  Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant  San Diego, CA    Pipeline gas 
City of San Diego  San Diego Metro Biosolids Center (MBC)  San Diego, CA    Electricity 
City Of Sandpoint  City of Sandpoint Idaho WWTP  Sandpoint, ID    Electricity 
City Of Santa Rosa  Laguna Wastewater Reclamation Plant, City of Santa Rosa  Santa Rosa, CA    Electricity 
City Of Sheboygan  Sheboygan Regional WWTP  Sheboygan, WI    Electricity 
City Of Stevens Point  City of Stevens Point WWTP  Stevens Point, WI    Electricity 
City Of Tampa  HOWARD F. CURREN AWTP -Tampa  TAMPA, FL    Electricity 
City Of Thousand Oaks  Hill Canyon Wastewater Treatment Plant  Camarillo, CA    Electricity 
City Of Watsonville  City of Watsonville WWTP  Watsonville, CA    Electricity 
City Of Wisconsin Rapids  WISCONSIN RAPIDS WWTP  WISCONSIN RAPIDS, WI    Electricity 
Clackamas County Water Environment Services  Kellogg Creek WWTP  Milwaukie, OR    Electricity 
Clark County Department Of Public Works  Salmon Creek WWTP  Vancouver, WA    Electricity 
Clean World  Sacramento Biodigester  Sacramento, CA    Electricity and vehicle fue 
Clean World  UC Davis Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digestion (READ)  Davis, CA    Electricity 
Columbia, City Of  COLUMBIA WWTP  COLUMBIA, MO    Electricity 
County Sanitation Districts Of Los Angeles County  Joint Water Pollution Control Plant  Carson, CA    Electricity 
County Sanitation Districts Of Los Angeles County  LOS COYOTES WRP  CERRITOS, CA    Electricity 
County Sanitation Districts Of Los Angeles County  POMONA WRP  POMONA, CA    Electricity 
County Sanitation Districts Of Los Angeles County  SAN JOSE CREEK WRP  WHITTIER, CA    Electricity 
County Sanitation Districts Of Los Angeles County  WHITTIER NARROWS WRP  EL MONTE, CA    Electricity 
Downers Grove Sanitary District  DOWNERS GROVE Sanatary District WRF  DOWNERS GROVE, IL    Electricity 
Dublin San Ramon Services District  Dublin San Ramon Services District REgional WWTP  Pleasanton, CA    Electricity 
East Bay Municipal Utility District  East Bay Municipal Utility District  Oakland, CA    Electricity 
Eastern Municipal Water District  EMWD - MORENO VALLEY RWRF  Moreno Valley, CA    Electricity 
Genesee County Wws  Genesee County Linden WWTP  Flint, MI    Pipeline gas 
Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District  CRMC Dartmouth Bioenergy Facility  Dartmoth, MA     
Harrisburg Authority  HARRISBURG STP/ Capital Region Water  HARRISBURG, PA    Electricity 
Hornell, N.Y. Department Of Public Works  Hornell Water Pollution Control Plant  Hornell, NY    Electricity 
Janesville Wastewater Utility  Janesville Wastewater Utility  Janesville, WI    Electricity 
Jea  BUCKMAN Residuals Management Facility and WRF - Jacksonville  JACKSONVILLE, FL    Electricity 
King County Wastewater Treatment Division  South Treatment Plant  Renton, WA    Pipeline gas 
King County Wastewater Treatment Division  West Point Treatment Plant  Seattle, WA    Electricity 
Little Ferry Boro  BERGEN CNTY UTIL AUTH WTP & SLF  Little Ferry, NJ    Pipeline gas 
Los Angeles, Bureau Of Sanitation, City Of  D.C. TILLMAN WRP  VAN NUYS, CA    Pipeline gas 
Los Angeles, Bureau Of Sanitation, City Of  L.A.-GLENDALE WRP  LOS ANGELES, CA    Pipeline gas 
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District  Metro Wastewater Reclamation District / Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility  Denver, CO    Electricity 
Mick Berklich  Sacramento Regional County Sanidation District (SRCSD)  Elk Grove, CA    Pipeline gas 
Midland, City Of  MIDLAND WWTP  MIDLAND, MI    Electricity 
Minnesota Municipal Power Agency  Hometown Bioenergy LLC  Le Sueur, MN    CHP 
Monterey Reg. Wpca  MONTEREY REG. WPCA  MARINA, CA    Electricity 
Nashua, City Of  Nashua WWTP  Nashua, NH 03060, NH    Electricity 
Neenah-Menasha Sewerage Commission  Neenah-Menasha Sewerage Commission  Menasha, WI    Electricity 
Newark, City Of  NEWARK WWTP & SEWER SYSTEM  NEWARK, OH    Pipeline gas 
North San Mateo County Sanitation District  North San Mateo County Sanitation District  Daly City, CA    Electricity 
Omaha, City Of  MISSOURI RIVER WWTF - Omaha  OMAHA, NE    Pipeline gas 
Omaha, City Of  PAPILLION Creek WWTF - Omaha City  BELLEVUE, NE    Pipeline gas 
Oro Loma Sanitary District  Oro Loma/Castro Valley Water Pollution Control Facility  San Lorenzo, CA    Electricity 
Payson City  Payson City WWTP  Payson, UT    Electricity 
Peppers Ferry Ww Auth  PEPPERS FERRY STP  RADFORD, VA    Pipeline gas 
Rewa  GILDER CREEK - ReWa - Simpsonville  Simpsonville, SC    Electricity 
Rock River Water Reclamation District  ROCK RIVER WRD  ROCKFORD, IL    Electricity 
Stafford Twp  OCEAN CNTY UTIL AUTH SWPCF  , NJ    Electricity 
Terre Haute  Terre Haute WW Treatment Plant  Terre Haute, IN    Pipeline gas 
Tim Sikma  Pontiac WWTP  Pontiac, MI    Pipeline gas 
Tri Cities North Regional Wastewater Authority  TRI-CITIES NORTH REGIONAL WWTP  DAYTON, OH    Electricity 
Upper Occoquan Sew Auth  UOSA - CENTREVILLE  Centreville, VA    Pipeline gas 
Washington County Sewer District  Washington County Sewer District # II  Fort Edward, NY    Electricity 
Water Environment Services  Tri-City Water Pollution Control Plant  Oregon City, OR    Electricity 
Total Plants: 351