U.S. Biomass Power Plants

Last Modified on August 21, 2019
*Capacity noted in (MW)

Plant Location Feedstock Capacity
French Island Generating Station  WI  Refused-derived fuel, wood waste, railroad ties  30.40
Rothschild Biomass Cogeneration Plant  WI  Urban wood waste/mill residue  50.00
Barron County Waste-to-Energy & Recycling Facility  WI  Municipal solid waste  2.00
Bay Front Power Plant  WI  Wood waste, railroad ties  56.00
Sierra Pacific-Burlington  WA  Logging, mill residue  28.00
Sierra Pacific-Aberdeen  WA  Logging, mill residue  18.00
RockTenn-Tacoma  WA  Mill residue  64.00
Kapstone Kraft Paper Corp.-Longview  WA  Mill residue  25.00
SDS Lumber Gorge Energy Division  WA  Logging, mill residue  10.00
Kettle Falls Generating Station  WA  Logging, mill residue  53.40
City of Spokane Waste to Energy Facility  WA  Municipal solid waste  22.00
Ryegate Power Station  VT  Wood chips  20.00
Joseph C McNeil Generating Station  VT  Forest and Mill residue, Wood waste  50.00
Pittsylvania Power Station  VA  Woody biomass  83.00
Virginia Hybrid Energy Center  VA  Woody biomass  120.00
Wheelabrator Portsmouth  VA  Municipal solid waste  60.00
Southampton Power Station  VA  Woody biomass  51.00
NOVEC Energy Production Halifax County Biomass Plant  VA  Forest slash  49.90
MeadWestvaco Corporation-Covington  VA  Logging, papermaking residue  75.00
Covanta Alexandria  VA  Municipal solid waste  23.00
Covanta Fairfax  VA  Municipal solid waste  80.00
Hopewell Power Station  VA  Woody biomass  51.00
Altavista Power Station  VA  Woody biomass  51.00
Southern Co. Nacogdoches Generating Facility  TX  Forest,wood processing residue  115.00
Hilton Lively Renewable Power Project  TX  Wood chips  49.00
Pinelands Biomass Allendale  SC  Forestry waste  20.00
Pinelands Biomass Dorchester  SC  Logging residue  20.00
Savannah River Site Biomass Cogeneration Facility  SC  Forest residue  20.00
Covanta Plymouth  PA  Municipal solid waste  32.00
Covanta York  PA  Municipal solid waste  36.50
Wheelabrator Falls  PA  Municipal solid waste  53.00
Covanta Lancaster  PA  Municipal solid waste  36.00
Covanta Harrisburg  PA  Municipal solid waste  24.00
Covanta Delaware Valley  PA  Municipal solid waste  80.00
Evergreen Biopower  OR  Mill residue  10.00
SP Fiber Technologies-Newberg  OR  Logging residue, paper waste, paper mill sludge  36.00
Roseburg Forest Products Cogeneration  OR  Wood residuals  51.50
Douglas County Forest Products  OR  Wood residue  6.00
Seneca Sustainable Energy  OR  Mill, forest residue  18.80
Biomass One  OR  Wood debris  30.00
Covanta Marion  OR  Municipal solid waste  13.00
Covanta Tulsa  OK  Municipal solid waste  17.00
Wheelabrator Dutchess County  NY  Municipal solid waste  9.00
Wheelabrator Westchester LP  NY  Municipal solid waste  60.00
Wheelabrator Hudson Falls  NY  Municipal solid waste  14.00
Covanta Hudson Valley  NY  Municipal solid waste  9.20
Covanta MacArthur  NY  Municipal solid waste  12.00
Covanta Niagara  NY  Municipal solid waste  30.00
Covanta Onondaga  NY  Municipal solid waste  40.00
Covanta Babylon  NY  Municipal solid waste  17.00
Covanta Hempstead  NY  Municipal solid waste  80.00
Covanta Huntington  NY  Municipal solid waste  25.00
ReEnergy Black River  NY  Woody biomass  60.00
Oswego County Energy Recovery Facility  NY  Municipal solid waste  4.00
Wheelabrator Gloucester  NJ  Municipal solid waste  14.00
Covanta Union  NJ  Municipal solid waste  44.00
Covanta Warren  NJ  Municipal solid waste  14.00
Covanta Camden  NJ  Municipal solid waste  21.00
Covanta Essex  NJ  Municipal solid waste  65.00
Pinetree Power  NH  Logging residue, forest thinnings  20.00
DG Whitefield LLC  NH  Woody biomass  19.00
Springfield Power LLC  NH  Round wood chips  19.00
Wheelabrator Concord  NH  Municipal solid waste  14.00
Northern Wood Power Schiller Station  NH  Wood chips  50.00
Pinetree Power Tamworth  NH  Woody biomass  20.00
Burgess BioPower  NH  Woody biomass  75.00
Bridgewater Power LP  NH  Woody biomass  15.00
Roxboro Facility  NC  Woody biomass  67.50
Craven County Wood Energy  NC  Mill residue, ag waste  50.00
CPI USA North Carolina LLC  NC  Wood residuals  85.00
Stoltze Cogeneration Power Plant  MT  Mill residue  3.00
Wilmarth Generating Station  MN  Refuse-derived fuel, woody biomass  20.00
Red Wing Generating Station  MN  Refuse-derived fuel  20.00
Koda Energy LLC  MN  Oat and rice hulls, corn, barley and malt screening, urban tree waste  23.40
Potlatch Bemidji  MN  Mill residue  10.00
Hennepin Energy Resource Co. LP  MN  Municipal solid waste  40.00
St. Paul Cogeneration LLC  MN  Urban wood residue  33.00
Rapids Energy Center  MN  Logging, mill residue  26.50
Perham Resource Recovery Facility  MN  Municipal solid waste  4.50
Olmsted Waste-To-Energy Facility  MN  Municipal solid waste  9.60
Hibbard Energy Center  MN  Logging, mill residue   72.80
Elk River Energy Recovery Station  MN  Refuse-derived fuel  33.00
Benson Power LLC  MN  Wood chips, poultry litter  50.00
Covanta Kent  MI  Municipal solid waste  18.00
Viking Energy of McBain  MI  Wood waste  17.00
Hillman Power LLC  MI  Wood waste  20.00
Viking Energy of Lincoln  MI  Wood waste  18.00
L'Anse Warden Electric Company  MI  Wood waste, railroad ties  20.00
Grayling Generating Station  MI  Woody biomass  38.00
Genesee Power Station LP  MI  Wood waste  40.00
Detroit Renewable Power  MI  Municipal solid waste  68.00
Cadillac Renewable Energy  MI  Forest residue  39.60
Ecomaine Biomass Plant  ME  Municipal solid waste  14.00
ReEnergy Stratton  ME  Woody biomass  48.00
ReEnergy Livermore Falls  ME  Woody biomass  39.00
ReEnergy Fort Fairfield  ME  Woody biomass  37.00
ReEnergy Ashland  ME  Woody biomass  39.00
Penobscot Energy Recovery  ME  Municipal solid waste/Woody Biomass  25.00
MMWAC Resource Recovery Facility  ME  Municipal solid waste  3.60
Wheelabrator Baltimore  MD  Municipal solid waste  65.00
Covanta Montgomery  MD  Municipal solid waste  55.00
Wheelabrator Saugus  MA  Municipal solid waste  54.00
Wheelabrator North Andover  MA  Municipal solid waste  40.00
Wheelabrator Millbury  MA  Municipal solid waste  48.00
Pinetree Power Fitchburg  MA  Woody biomass  17.00
Covanta SEMASS  MA  Municipal solid waste  54.00
Covanta Springfield  MA  Municipal solid waste  9.00
Covanta Pittsfield  MA  Municipal solid waste  4.00
Covanta Haverhill  MA  Municipal solid waste  49.00
Agrilectric Power Partners Ltd.  LA  Woody biomass  12.00
Cox Waste-to-Energy  KY  Wood waste  5.00
Covanta Indianapolis  IN  Municipal solid waste  7.00
Plummer Cogen  ID  Wood waste  6.00
BFC Gas and Electric  IA  Solid biomass waste  6.00
Arnold O. Chantland Incineration Plant  IA  Refuse-derived fuel  4.00
Covanta Honolulu  HI  Municipal solid waste  90.00
Hu Honua Bioenergy Facility  HI  Eucalyptus, woody biomass  24.00
Green Energy Team LLC  HI  Eucalyptus, albizia  7.50
Multitrade Rabun Gap  GA  Woody biomass  17.00
Macon Mill  GA  Logging waste  38.00
Piedmont Green Power  GA  Woody biomass  55.00
Albany Green Energy  GA  Forest residue, urban wood waste, pecan shells, peanut hulls  50.00
Okeelanta Biomass Cogeneration  FL  Baggasse, woody biomass  128.90
Wheelabrator South Broward  FL  Municipal solid waste  66.00
Wheelabrator Ridge  FL  Wood waste  46.00
U.S. Sugar Corp. Cogeneration Plant  FL  Baggasse  50.00
Telogia Power  FL  Logging and mill residue, hog fuel, peanut hulls  14.00
Covanta Palm Beach Renewable Energy #2  FL  Municipal solid waste  100.00
Covanta Palm Beach Renewable Energy #1  FL  Municipal solid waste  62.30
Fernandina Plant  FL  Mill residuals  22.50
Covanta Pinellas  FL  Municipal solid waste  75.00
Covanta Dade  FL  Municipal solid waste  77.00
Covanta Lee  FL  Municipal solid waste  57.00
International Paper Pensacola  FL  Mill residuals  83.00
Covanta Hillsborough  FL  Municipal solid waste  46.50
Bay County Waste-to-Energy Facility  FL  Municipal solid waste  13.00
Buckeye Florida LP  FL  Wood waste  25.00
Deerhaven Renewable Generating Station  FL  Logging, Mill residue, urban Wood waste  102.50
Wheelabrator McKay Bay  FL  Municipal solid waste  22.00
Covanta Lake  FL  Municipal solid waste  15.00
Brooksville Power Plant  FL  Woody biomass  70.00
Covanta Pasco  FL  Municipal solid waste  31.20
Mid-Conn. Resource Recovery Facility  CT  Municipal solid waste  68.00
Wheelabrator Lisbon  CT  Municipal solid waste  15.00
Wheelabrator Bridgeport  CT  Municipal solid waste  67.00
Covanta Bristol  CT  Municipal solid waste  16.30
Plainfield Renewable Energy  CT  C&D waste, forestry waste  37.50
Covanta SECONN  CT  Municipal solid waste  18.00
Eagle Valley Clean Energy  CO  Forest restoration residue, beetle-killed wood  11.50
Wadham Energy LP  CA  Rice hulls  26.50
Scotia Cogen  CA  Wood residuals  28.80
El Nido Biomass  CA  Woody biomass  12.50
Woodland Biomass Power  CA  wood chips, urban Wood waste, ag waste  25.00
Rio Bravo Fresno  CA  Woody biomass  24.30
Wheelabrator Shasta  CA  Logging, mill residue, ag residue  55.00
Sierra Pacific-Quincy  CA  Mill residue  35.30
Sierra Pacific-Sonora  CA  Logging, mill residue  10.90
Sierra Pacific-Anderson  CA  Logging, mill residue  30.15
Weed Cogen  CA  Wood waste  12.00
Pacific Ultrapower Chinese Station  CA  Woody biomass  20.00
Rio Bravo Rocklin  CA  Urban wood, ag waste  24.40
Desert View Power  CA  Urban wood waste, orchard removal trees, fruit pits  47.00
Honey Lake Power  CA  Mill and logging residue, forest thinnings, urban wood waste  30.00
Sierra Pacific - Lincoln  CA  Logging, mill residue  19.20
Chowchilla II Biomass  CA  Ag waste  12.50
Sierra Pacific - Burney  CA  Logging, mill residue  20.00
Covanta Stanislaus  CA  Municipal solid waste  22.50
Mt. Poso Cogeneration Company, LLC  CA  Wood waste  44.00
Burney Forest Power  CA  Logging, mill residue  31.00
Covanta Long Beach  CA  Municipal solid waste  36.00
Collins Pine Co. Power Plant  CA  Wood residuals  12.00
DTE Stockton LLC  CA  Woody biomass, ag residue  45.00
DG Fairhaven Power  CA  Woody biomass  18.80
Novo BioPower, LLC  AZ  Forest thinnings, mill residue  27.00
Potlatch Lumber  AR  Wood waste  10.00
Mobile Energy Services  AL  Mill residue  60.00
Resolute Forest Products Coosa Pines  AL  Wood processing waste  30.00
Westervelt Renewable Energy Moundville  AL  Wood waste  25.00
Total Plants: 178Total capacity(MW):6,374.75