Pellet Plants

Last Modified on January 25, 2017

Plant Location Feedstock Capacity (Metric tons/yr)
CDN Biofuels Inc.  BC  Hardwood and Softwood  100,000 
Marwood Ltd.  NB  Softwood  11,000 
Shaw Resources - Belledune  NB  Hardwood and Softwood  110,000 
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Quesnel  BC  Softwood  110,000 
Chetwynd Sawmill  BC  Softwood  110,000 
Princeton Co-Generation Corp.  BC  Softwood  118,800 
Rentech Inc. - Atikokan  ON    121,000 
Gildale Farms  ON  Hardwood and Softwood  13,200 
Granules LG Inc.  QC  Hardwood and Softwood  132,000 
Atlantic Fiber Resources - Goosebay  NL  Softwood  132,000 
Energex Pellet Fuel Inc.  QC  Hardwood and Softwood  132,000 
New Forest Industries (Pellet Mill)  QC  Hardwood and Softwood  137,500 
Trebio Renewable Biomass  QC  Hardwood and Softwood  143,000 
Lacwood Pellets  ON  Softwood  16,500 
NorSask Forest Products LLP  SK  Softwood  16,500 
North Country 100% Softwood Pellets  AB  Softwood  16,500 
Vanderhoof Specialty Wood Products  BC  Softwood  16,500 
Nashwaak Valley Wood Energy  NB  Hardwood and Softwood  16,500 
Mission Wood Pellet  BC    176,000 
Premium Pellet Ltd.  BC  Softwood  203,500 
Atlantic Fiber Resources - Chandler  QC  Hardwood and Softwood  209,000 
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Williams Lake  BC  Softwood  220,000 
Northern Energy Solutions Ltd.  NB    220,000 
Aurora Wood Pellets  NT  Softwood  220,000 
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Strathnaver  BC  Hardwood and Softwood  242,000 
Houston Pellet Limited Partnership  BC  Softwood  242,000 
Urban Biofuels  ON    27,500 
Tolko/Pinnacle Pellet Plant - Lavington  BC    297,000 
Foothills Forest Products Inc.  AB  Softwood  33,000 
Pacific Bioenergy Pellet Mill  BC  Softwood  385,000 
H.J. Crabbe & Sons Ltd.  NB  Softwood  44,000 
Protocol Biomass Corp.  ON  Hardwood and Softwood  440,000 
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Burns Lake  BC  Softwood  441,000 
Thunder Bay Pellet Plant  ON  Softwood  49,500 
Rentech Inc. - Wawa  ON    495,500 
Muskoka Timber Mills Ltd.  ON  Hardwood and Softwood  55,000 
Shaw Resources - Shubenacadie  NS  Hardwood and Softwood  55,000 
Vanderwell Contractors Ltd.  AB  Softwood  55,000 
Hamilton Biofuel  ON  Hardwood and Softwood  55,000 
Groupe Savoie Inc.  NB  Hardwood and Softwood  60,500 
Lauzon Recycled Wood Energy - Papineauville  QC  Hardwood  63,800 
Lauzon Recycled Wood Energy - Saint-Paulin  QC  Hardwood  64,000 
Whitesand First Nation - Pellet Plant  ON  Hardwood  66,000 
Okanagan Pellet Co. Inc.  BC  Softwood  66,000 
Wawasum Group  ON  Hardwood  66,000 
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Armstrong  BC  Softwood  66,000 
La Crete Sawmills Ltd.  AB  Softwood  77,000 
Fort St. John Sawmill  BC  Softwood  82,500 
Granules LG International  QC  Hardwood and Softwood  88,000 
Northern Engineered Wood Products Inc.  BC    88,000 
Merritt Wood Pellet and Torrefaction Plant  BC  Softwood  93,500 
Scotia Atlantic Biomass Co. Inc.  NS  Hardwood and Softwood  93,500 
K.D. Quality Pellets  ON  Hardwood and Softwood  96,800 
Direct Pellet Industries  ON  Hardwood and Softwood  Undisclosed 
SPB Bio Materials  ON  Ag  Undisclosed 
T.P. Downey & Sons Ltd.  NB  Hardwood and Softwood  Undisclosed 
Stein Industries Inc.  ON  Woody Biomass  Undisclosed 
TimberWest  BC    Undisclosed 
Total Plants: 58  Total capacity in millions:6,689,600.00