Pellet Plants

Last Modified on October 30, 2014

Company Plant Location Feedstock Capacity (Metric tons/yr)
Rentech Inc.  Rentech Inc. - Atikokan  Atikokan, ON    100,000 
Rentech Inc.  Rentech Inc. - Wawa  Wawa, ON    450,000 
Lauzon Recycled Wood Energy Inc.  Lauzon Recycled Wood Energy - Papineauville  Papineauville, QC  Hardwood  58,000 
Lauzon Recycled Wood Energy Inc.  Lauzon Recycled Wood Energy - Saint-Paulin  Saint-Paulin, QC  Hardwood  58,060 
  Wawasum Group  Greenstone, ON  Hardwood  67,000 
Canadian Northern Timber Group  Atlantic Fiber Resources - Chander  Chandler, QC  Hardwood and Softwood  190,000 
  Gildale Farms  St. Marys, ON  Hardwood and Softwood  12,000 
Granules LG  Granules LG Inc.  St-Felicien, QC  Hardwood and Softwood  120,000 
Granules LG  Granules LG International  Mashteuiatsh, QC  Hardwood and Softwood  80,000 
  K.D. Quality Pellets  New Liskeard, ON  Hardwood and Softwood  45,000 
  Whitesand First Nation  Armstrong, ON  Hardwood and Softwood  68,000 
  Groupe Savoie Inc.  St-Quentin, NB  Hardwood and Softwood  55,000 
  Canadian Biofuel - Springford  Springford, ON  Hardwood and Softwood  40,000 
  Canadian Biofuel - Woodstock  Woodstock, ON  Hardwood and Softwood  100,000 
Direct Pellet Industries Inc.  Direct Pellet Industries  Haliburton, ON  Hardwood and Softwood  Undisclosed 
  Muskoka Timber Mills Ltd.  Bracebridge, ON  Hardwood and Softwood  50,000 
New Forest Industries (Parent)  New Forest Industries (Pellet Mill)  New Richmond, QC  Hardwood and Softwood  125,000 
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. (Parent)  Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Strathnaver  Strathnaver, BC  Hardwood and Softwood  220,000 
  Protocol Biomass Corp.  Prescott, ON  Hardwood and Softwood  415,000 
Viridis Energy Inc.  Scotia Atlantic Biomass Co. Inc.  Middle Musquodoboit, NS  Hardwood and Softwood  120,000 
  Shaw Resources - Belledune  Belledune, NB  Hardwood and Softwood  100,000 
  Shaw Resources - Shubenacadie  Shubenacadie, NS  Hardwood and Softwood  50,000 
  T.P. Downey & Sons Ltd.  Weldon, NB  Hardwood and Softwood  Undisclosed 
  Trebio Renewable Biomass  Portage-du-Fort, QC  Hardwood and Softwood  130,000 
Diacarbon  Merritt Wood Pellet and Torrefaction Plant  Merritt, BC  Mill residue  85,000 
  Tolko/Pinnacle Pellet Plant - Lavington  Lavington, BC  Mill residue  100,000 
SPB Solutions  SPB Bio Materials  Peterborough, ON  Oat hulls  Undisclosed 
  Vanderhoof Specialty Wood Products  Vanderhoof, BC  Pine  15,000 
Courtice Industries  Hamilton Biofuel  Hamilton, ON  Post-secondary wood  50,000 
  Foothills Forest Products, Inc.  Grande Cache, AB  Softwood  30,000 
Dansons  Friendly Fuels Limited  Edmonton, AB  Softwood  27,000 
General Biofuels  General Biofuels - British Columbia  Terrace, BC  Softwood  500,000 
Canadian Norther Timber  Atlantic Fiber Resources - Goosebay  Goosebay, NL  Softwood  120,000 
Energex Corporation  Granules Combustibles Energex, Inc.  null, QC  Softwood  120,000 
  H.J. Crabbe & Sons Ltd.  Bristol, NB  Softwood  40,000 
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. (Parent)  Houston Pellet Limited Partnership, Houston, BC  Houston, BC  Softwood  220,000 
  La Crete Sawmills Ltd.  La Crete, AB  Softwood  70,000 
  LacWood Industries  Hearst, ON  Softwood  10,000 
  Marwood Ltd.  Fredericton, NB  Softwood  10,000 
  Meadow Lake Tribal Council Pellet Mill  Meadow Lake, SK  Softwood  6,000 
Viridis Energy Inc.  Okanagan Pellet Co. Inc.  West Kelowna, BC  Softwood  60,000 
Pacific BioEnergy Corporation  Pacific Bioenergy Pellet Mill  Prince George, BC  Softwood  400,000 
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. (Parent)  Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Armstrong  Armstrong, BC  Softwood  60,000 
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. (Parent)  Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Burns Lake  Burns Lake, BC  Softwood  440,000 
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. (Parent)  Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Quesnel  Quesnel, BC  Softwood  100,000 
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. (Parent)  Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. - Williams Lake  Williams Lake, BC  Softwood  200,000 
  Premium Pellet Ltd.  Vanderhoof, BC  Softwood  140,000 
  Princeton Co-Generation Corp.  Princeton, BC  Softwood  108,000 
Resolute Forest Products  Thunder Bay Pellet Plant  Thunder Bay, ON  Softwood  45,000 
  Vanderwell Contractors Ltd.  Slave Lake, AB  Softwood  50,000 
Manning Diversified Forest Products LTD.  NORTH COUNTRY 100% SOFTWOOD PELLETS  Hotchkiss, AB  Spruce and pine planer shavings  15,000 
Total Plants: 51  Total capacity in millions:5,674.00