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July 26, 2012

Biomass Versus Natural Gas

BY Luke GeiverSomething to remember for project developers contemplating natural gas or biomass. READ MORE

July 20, 2012

Where Miscanthus and Money Mix

BY Luke GeiverA proposed Canadian biomass power facility shows that finance veterans believe in energy crop production. READ MORE

July 12, 2012

How to Make Biomass Project Aggregation Work

BY Luke GeiverMarcus Kauffman, biomass resource specialist for the Oregon Department of Forestry, is using leftover American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars to attract investors to the biomass industry. READ MORE

July 06, 2012

Bioenergy VC firm talks getting noticed and the latest $300 million funding round

BY Luke GeiverA company spokesperson from Braemar Energy Ventures explains what bioenergy companies hoping to be the next Solazyme should do, and why $300 million is signficant. READ MORE

July 03, 2012

A Different Number to Think About: 257 (Think renewable energy investment dollars).

BY Luke GeiverThis is a special week in the U.S., a time to celebrate through numbers. Because most of us are focused on the fourth, I thought I'd play into this week's short-term obsession with numbers. READ MORE

July 02, 2012

USDA, Navy and DOE Show Renewable Fuels Support By Becoming Investors

BY Luke GeiverThe U.S. DOE, the U.S. Navy and the USDA want to establish a biomass-based value chain capable of producing drop-in biofuels, and they are willing to spend the money to do so. READ MORE

June 27, 2012

For Better Results, Forget About the Money

BY Luke GeiverFinancing a bioenergy project in the midst of today's Euro Zone market whirlwind and the continuing saga of another Moody's bank downgrade announcement highlights what has become a confusing, yet simple truth about renewable energy project finance. READ MORE