CEC gives Pixley Biogas final grant approval

By Anna Simet | March 14, 2014

California-based Pixley Biogas has been given final approval for a $4.68 million dollar grant from the California Energy Commission.

Located in southwestern Tulare County, Calif., the anaerobic digester will take in dairy farm manure as substrate, according to project engineer Craig Hartman, who said the facility is “tied at the hip” with an adjacent ethanol plant, 58 MMgy Calgren Renewable Fuels Biorefinery, which it will supply all of its electrical output to.

The $10 million project is expected to produce 266 MMBtu of biogas daily, reducing Calgren’s natural gas consumption by 402 MMBTU per day, according to the CEC.

California Environmental Quality Act requirements have been completed. Hartman said construction of the plant has already begun, and that completion is expected in September 2015.

Besides Pixley Biogas, the CEC also gave final approval for a $4.9 million grant to Encinitas, Calif.-based Community Fuels to expand biodiesel production capacity at its Port of Stockton facility from 10 MMgy to at least 15 MMgy, and a $1.6 million grant to convert older United Parcel Service and U.S. Postal Service medium-duty gas or diesel walk-in vans to use its electric power train.