Konza confirms sale of torrefaction system

By Konza Renewable Fuels | May 08, 2014

Konza Renewable Fuels and Aeon Energy Solutions are pleased to announce a full scale commercial 100,000 metric ton per year torrefaction system has been ordered. Expected delivery is early 2015 to a European based corporation. KRF is headquartered in Topeka, Kan., and operates in the green, renewable, energy sector.

In a nutshell—which by the way can be torrefied—torrefaction is the process of heating a substance in a low oxygen environment sufficiently to break some key chemical bonds to create a coal-like substance. It will separate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hemicellulose from the cellulose and lignin contained in biomass. Since biomass is a green, renewable, carbon-neutral resource; it is desirable to mix the torrefied biomass with coal because it does not have the harmful heavy metals and other pollutants that coal can contain. Torrefied biomass, sometimes referred to as bio-coal, is a desirable alternative for power generating companies, cement manufactures, steel producers and other commercial enterprises using large volumes of fossil fuels that are also looking for a green, renewable resource that is economically viable.

Konza’s proprietary test unit in Healy, Kan., has successfully torrefied numerous test materials over the past three years providing proof of concept. The test facility has also allowed the Konza team to hone in on the process and make a large scale commercial torrefaction facility a reality. Some feedstock, including purpose grown crops and several different species of woody biomass have been tested to energy levels exceeding 25 GJ/MT. Konza’s current offerings consist of models with production capabilities up to 25 MT/hr. (210,000 MT/year). Konza torrefaction equipment has been designed to meet the most stringent air quality and particulate emission standards.