Repreve Renewables adds genetic assets from Mendel

By Repreve Renewables | May 15, 2014

Repreve Renewables announced it has purchased certain genetic assets or germplasm for its giant miscanthus grass product development program from Mendel Biotechnology Inc., a privately held company in Hayward, Calif.

The purchase adds Mendel’s diverse miscanthus germplasm pool to Repreve Renewables’ proprietary biomass crop establishment technologies, its current product development program including the exclusive license of Freedom Giant Miscanthus and its novel business model. The purchased germplasm provides an opportunity to accelerate the development of non-invasive varieties of miscanthus.

These new varieties will be developed to have increased yield potential when planted in
different geographic areas, in varied soil types and under a range of agronomic conditions.

The company is investing in research to develop high-yielding feedstocks to meet the growing demand from biomass market customers, such as those that develop advanced biofuels, chemical intermediates, solid fuels, animal bedding and pulp and paper.

“The purchase of these miscanthus genetic assets is a natural progression of Repreve Renewables efforts to expand biomass production. We target production on underutilized or marginal land not suited for food and fiber crops. To ensure a consistent, viable source of feedstocks, we will develop additional varieties that grow well in these fields across the country,” said Jeff Wheeler, CEO.

“Our ultimate purpose is to provide reliable, cost-effective sources of feedstocks on a
commercial scale, allowing companies to develop and commercialize their own bio-based
products. Developing the right varieties to plant near customer locations where the feedstock is needed is a key component of our system.

“We view this purchase as an important strategic investment that expands the
company’s growth potential by anticipating and meeting our customers’ needs,” Wheeler said.