Andritz rolls out OEM option wireless heat sensor for pelletizers

By Andritz Inc. | October 02, 2014

Andritz Inc. and SST Wireless Inc. announced that the companies are collaborating to produce a customized version of SST’s wireless heat sensor technology for deployment on Andritz’s wood pelletizers as an OEM option.  The system will include SST’s high temperature sensors that are installed directly on to the rollers to provide real time monitoring of critical temperatures.   Andritz will install a complete system at its Muncy, Pennsylvania, facility to demonstrate the technology and establish best practices and recommendations to reduce downtime and accidents caused by overheating of rollers and bearing shafts.

The global demand for wood pellets as a cleaner fuel source used in heating and energy generation has placed tremendous pressure on the industry and the equipment manufacturers to produce higher volumes, quicker and cheaper.  Unfortunately, this increase in production has resulted in several accidents with tragic loss of life and economic impact to communities.

SST’s Wireless Industrial Heat Detection offers an opportunity to directly measure the temperature of the rollers and other critical components inside the pellet machines while in operation.  The system relays temperature readings in real time which provides actionable data for operators.

“The safety of our customers with proper operation and maintenance of our equipment has always been a priority for us,” stated Greg Alles, general manager of Andritz BioMass division. “The addition of wireless sensors provides greater visibility in to the operational condition of our machines in real time and provides a valuable new tool for our customers. We are looking forward to delivering this innovative technology to our customers.”

The small wireless sensors are designed to measure temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius (257 degrees Fahrenheit) and will last for up to a year. Sensors can be easily configured and managed through the Master Control Module which can accommodate using 900 MHz, Wifi, GSM and Bluetooth to the Base Station system and beyond through the Internet.

“Our collaboration with Andritz will help deliver on our core directive to increase safety, reduce operational downtime and environmental impact,” commented Christopher Chong, president & CEO of SST Wireless. “We are very pleased with Andritz’s proactive decision to offer our technology to their customers to help them operate their equipment safely at optimal efficiency. We look forward to working with Andritz and their customers to continually improve our technology and products.”