DOE's Bioenergy Technologies Office updates program plan

By Erin Voegele | December 22, 2014

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office recently released an updated multi-year program plan (MYPP), which sets for goals and structure for the office over the next five years. The MYPP is intended for use as an operational guide to help the Biotechnologies Office manage and coordinate it activities. The document is also a resource to help communicate the office’s mission and goals to stakeholders and the public.

Within the 223-page report, the Bioenergy Technologies Office highlights its technology research, development, demonstration and deployment plans for feedstock supply, logistics and development for both terrestrial and algae feedstocks. Under conversion research and development, the DOE describes initiatives for research and development of biochemical conversion technologies and thermochemical conversion technologies. The MYPP also addresses issues related to demonstration and deployment, sustainability, strategic analysis and strategic communications, as well as the office portfolio management process and performance assessments.

Within the document, the Bioenergy Technologies Office indicates that while its overall mission is focused on developing advanced technologies for the production of fuels, products and power from biomass, the office’s near-term goals are focused on the conversion of biomass into liquid transportation fuels and on bioproducts and biopower that enable renewable fuels production.

“Historically, the office’s focus has been on RDD&D for ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass,” said the DOE in the MYPP. “With achievement of the cellulosic ethanol cost targets, the office has shifted toward developing other advanced biofuels that will contribute to the renewable fuel standard (RFS) volumetric requirements. By focusing on these biomass-based hydrocarbon fuels (renewable gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel) and hydrocarbons from algae, the office seeks to engage the refinery industry in developing solutions, while utilizing existing infrastructure as much as possible.

A full copy of the MYPP can be downloaded from the DOE’s Bioenergy Technologies Office website.