Pellet plant starts production in Siberia

By Hekotek | January 15, 2015

A new pellet plant in the village of Novaya Igirma, Irkutsk, region in the Eastern-Siberian part of Russia constructed and started up by Hekotek in November has now successfully reached the designed output capacity of 30,000 tons of wooden pellets annually.

The plant is owned by Lesresurs LLC. Its launch enables to start economically reasonable use of the sawdust and partly pulpchips produced at the sawmill of the same owner. The reasonable use of pulpchips is actually a challenge for sawmills in several regions of Russia since many local pulp and paper mills have difficulties with due payments for the raw material, the sawmills’ management have to give up chips deliveries to PPMs and instead send the chips to dump.

Startup of the plant has been well timed from the market situation viewpoint. In major export markets, it was just the beginning of heating season, when wooden pellets are in great demand. Thus, the first loads of pellets produced by the new plant timely arrived to the consumers.

Advanced technological solutions used for the new plant have been well tested in the previous deliveries of Hekotek. The plant is based on a pellet press (4.5 tons of pellets per hour) and a hammer mill by the Dutch producer CPM. Other parts of the production line, such as various conveyors and production units, including a drum dryer with a furnace for drying sawdust, were produced by Hekotek. Hekotek also carried responsibility of general supplier of the new plant ensuring not only equipment delivery, commissioning and start up, but also smooth operation of the plant complex equipment.