Enerpellets announces plans to develop pellet plant in Florida

By Enerpellets Group | February 03, 2015

Enerpellets Group took the decision to internationalize its biomass pellets production activity by building a state-of-the-art unit in Florida with a real production output capacity of 250,000 tons per year.

The decision was preceded by a period of analysis and evaluation of this opportunity, which was supported by the vast know-how acquired with the two plants in operation that Enerpellets Group holds in Portugal and overlooking the fast growing global pellets market.

The United States feature relevant comparative advantage comparing to other geographies, such as the availability of raw materials, cost of electricity and the excellent rail and port infrastructure.

The total investment amounts to $60 million. The engineering of the unit follows the highest technological standards, in line with the two units held in Portugal, and benefits from the existing know-how.

The investment will be carried out in Hamilton County, Florida, where the group felt a huge support from the local community and from the state of Florida. This support was decisive for the economic viability of the investment.

The production unit will contribute with a significant number of direct and indirect jobs with considerable impact on the local economy.

The major drive for taking this production expansion decision was the fact that Enerpellets Group has been established in this sector since 2008 and accounts as customers all major European power stations that fire or cofire wood pellets, among which enjoys excellent reputation.

Project implementation is previewed to start in the third quarter of 2015 and production will begin within a year, during 2016.