Algae.Tec ships photobioreactor to India

By Algae.Tec | May 06, 2015

Algae.Tec is pleased to announce the on-time dispatch of the first algae photobioreactor to Jamnagar province in India.

This key milestone is part of the contract entered into with Reliance Industries, India’s largest private sector enterprise, which features pilot project agreements for building an initial 2-barrel-per-day biofuels facility in India utilizing Algae.Tec technology.

As previously announced, the pilot plant is part of contractual arrangements that are fully funded by Reliance. This first container houses the algae photobioreactor assembly, which will be situated next to the world’s largest oil refinery, owned by Reliance Industries.

The photobioreactor will take CO2 from the refinery and use it in the production of algae, which in turn will be used for the production of sustainable, green energy.

Peter Hatfull, managing director of Algae.Tec, stated “this is a major milestone for the company which leads to the establishment and commissioning of the pilot plant in an industrial location within the Reliance compound.”