Two free ISCC events coming up in Miami

By Holly Jessen | June 01, 2015

The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification group is holding two free events in the United States in late June.

First, on June 23, a Global Risk Assessment Services, also known as GRAS, half day workshop will be held in Miami. This is the launch of GRAS in the American market and all interested parties are welcome.

The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture supported the development of GRAS through its Agency for Renewable Resources. By integrating information on land use change, ecological and social issues, biodiversity and carbon stocks, the tool can be used for risk analysis and land use assessment. GRAS has many applications, including use by auditors, certification bodies and certification systems for sustainability audits and sustainability risk analysis.

The following day, June 24, in Miami, a full day joint regional stakeholder meeting will be held for stakeholders from both the North American and South American technical committees. It’s the seventh meeting of the South American technical committee and the fourth meeting of the North American technical committee. Those committees meet to discuss regional requirements to develop the ISCC and also facilitate conversations among stakeholders. 

Some of the topics that will be touched on include news about the ISCC certification systems and accreditation, information about relevant regulations in the U.S. and the EU, sustainable sourcing and supply chains in sectors like food and beverages, new tools for risk assessment and land use change verification as well as the implications of the new Renewable Energy Directive and greenhouse gas quotas in the EU.